Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Changing heaters

7:30AM - Wave3
One of the first things that we did after arriving home from DHL yesterday afternoon, was to get our new Wave3 Olympian catalytic heater fired up. It is really easy to get Wave3 ready. Just take the feet off our old Wave6 and re-attach the feet to Wave3. Then do the same for the 6-foot long rubber propane line.

We knew for years that Wave6 was overkill as far as a heater was concerned. We always used Wave6's lowest heat position. And even on low the temp was often too high.

Let's have three cheers for old Wave6! For nine years he did a fine job keeping the TiogaRV Team warm. "Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray".
Good bye, Wave6!

8:30AM - A new Sweet Flower!
During yesterday's trip, we stopped at the veterinary store in Tequisquiapan and bought a new Sweet Flower! You may recall that Protector Bird has been making life miserable for our hummingbirds. He chases them. Waits for them. And then flies at them.

Protector Bird wants all of Sweet Flower, and does not want to share at all! What a terrible thing! Wow!.

But now there are two Sweet Flowers! It took only one minute for a hummingbird to find new Sweet Flower!

12 Noon - Something weird!
Wanna hear something weird?

I do not receive mail often from my South Dakota mail box service. About two months ago, a bill arrived from John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. The bill was dated: 12/14/2010. I thought to myself, this cannot be right! The bill had a gross amount of $52,860.55 for my hospital stay due to my hernia operation.

The bill was for my (1) day stay at the hospital. Admission 12-08-2010. Discharge 12-09-2010. Wow! Almost 59 grand for a one day stay! Hmmmm?

Anyway, the bill was discounted $47,266 by the description:
Amount absorbed by the hospital

At the bottom of the bill was the notation: $3,156.76 Total Amount Due! This entire bill seemed to me to be too incredible for any words. So, I put the bill in my hanging file, and forgot about it. Yesterday with my DHL shipment, I received a statement for the same hospital service dated April 15, 2012. The  $3.156.76 balance had been reduced by $2,136.50 by what was cryptically described as "Medicare late charge WRI". Now the Amount Due was shown: $1,020.26

Double hmmmm with sugar on it. I am attempting to contact my surgeon to find out about all of this stuff. His name is Steven M. Young, MD, of Walnut Creek, California. But Rebtel, my phone service from Mexico to the USA has screwed up my local access number. So, I cannot phone doctor Young.

To be continued when Rebtel gets its act together.

3PM - Where is the new Air Conditioner?
The air conditioner with its plastic shroud and the new rear vent are stored over at Panchito's Body Shop, about 1/2 mile away from Home Camp. Tentatively, Panchito will begin to do MsTioga's work in about a week. Here in part is what Panchito will do:
  • Remove the forward roof vent and cover existing vent hole with fiberglass
  • Remove all equipment from MsTioga's roof and paint roof using a good quality boat paint.
  • Move the forward solar panel assembly toward the roof's front, to make room for new air conditioner
  • Move the rear solar panel assembly to the approximate position of Datastorm unit
  • Remove old rear vent and install new roof vent
  • Install air conditioner
  • Repair dings, scrapes and bangs that were accidentally made by me since the last body job
  • Other stuff too

Blue sky