Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coming to America

12 Noon - Coming to America
With all of the excitement of re-building MsTioga's roof, we have not mentioned to you about our upcoming trip to America! Yes! We are going for a two week trip to visit relatives and friends in California!

Our trip begins this coming Tuesday morning with a bus ride to Mexico City. We will be staying overnite in Mexico City, and flying to Los Angeles the following morning.

From Los Angeles we will drive in a rental car to San Diego where we plan to spend a couple of days with our friend, John P. Two of things we will do with John P is bike ride along the beach and go to Five Guys for their great burgers.

When we leave San Diego, we plan to travel north visiting relatives and friends along the way.

1PM - Rebuilding MsTioga's roof
You may be interested in the costs for rebuilding MsTioga's roof! We spent five days at Panchito's Body Shop. Four of those days the shop worked on nothing but MsTioga's roof job.

  • Cost for paint, fiberglass and all related materials: $380US
  • Labor cost: $460US
  • Total material and labor: $840US
Whatta ya think? Hmmmm?

2PM - Is it worth it?
From time to time a reader will bring up the idea of replacing MsTioga with a new RV. The thinking behind this idea is, that we are spending money every month doing maintenance. For example, MsTioga's new roof. If a new RV were bought, would the costs be less?

Here is my thinking about "buying vs keeping":
  • If you love to re-engineer stuff, keeping your RV is the way to go. Who is to say that the design of your RV could not be amazingly improved.
  • By re-engineering your existing RV, you may be creating an RV that is better than nearly all currently sold RVs.
  • Do you really save money by buying a new RV? If a new RV cost $75,000, amortized over 20 years with no interest costs tossed into the figures, you would be spending $312 just for the purchase cost. And even new RVs do have maintenance costs.
I believe MsTioga and I have proven that an RV can last forever if care is taken to do all the maintenance, and you are willing and able to do stuff like our New Roof Job.

6PM - Polite birds
When we first began using Sweet Flowers to feed the hummingbirds, there was a great deal of bickering, fighting, chasing and even nastiness amongst the hummingbirds. We even had one bird, we called this bird "Protector Bird", who would not let even one hummer near the Sweet Flower. Protector Bird was taller and fatter than the rest. More aggressive too, and would chase the birds who came to drink at Sweet Flower.

However, lately the hummingbirds have become polite. Waiting their turn on nearby tree branches. Or eating together at one of our Sweet Flowers. Sometimes even four hummers at one flower at the same time! Even Protector Bird has stopped chasing fellow birds.

Have I mentioned that when I forget to fill the Sweet Flowers, birds fly over to my window to remind me it is filling time? I swear that it's true! They never fly over to flutter near me until the flowers need filling.

These are very smart birds!
Polite birds at Sweet Flower

Lotsa clouds & a little Sun