Saturday, June 09, 2012


8AM - Degreaser
Did I mention to you awhile back that a random roach invaded MsTioga? Hmmmm? I was sitting at our computer workstation when the evil thing walked up on the cabinet, only about 6" from my arm! I jumped up and moved away from the roach. I am going to share something with you. I just hate roaches. Especially good sized black roaches! Yuk!

I knew from experience that it is almost impossible to squish these critters. They are much too fast, and they squirm into the tiniest spaces to hide. So, I reached for my Valucraft Degreaser bottle! This bottle has a really good squirter.

Just one squirt of degreaser, and all of the quickness went right out of this ugly creature. It must have been blinded. It bumped into the wall. Then staggered around. Twitched a bit. And then I gave it the "cous de gras" with the bottom of my shoe. What a mess!

3AM - Another use for degreaser
Early this morning, about 3am, I heard growling outside. At first I thought that it was little Peluchita growling. But this growl, was from a much bigger animal than Peluchita. I stuck my head out the door. It was a skunk!

Going outside to look around, I heard something scampering away. Must be a scared skunk! Anyway, while I was out there, I decided to take a look to see if the ants were bothering the Sweet Flowers. And there they were! At night! Ants trying to get at Sweet Flower's nectar.

I had tried lots of things. Vaseline on the hanging hook. Engine grease. Nothing seemed to work. Then I remembered the roach and degreaser.

What is in this degreaser that makes it all-powerful? Takes the life right out of insects. This morning I took a look at Sweet Flower. Not one single ant anywhere. First time that I could tell you that in many a day!

9AM - DuPont Paint
We are going to need paint for MsTioga's repairs. All four colors. The three body colors, and the white for the roof. The white paint should be especially water/Sun resistant.

So, we are at the local DuPont paint store in Tequisquiapan. When MsTioga got her fiberglass and paint jobs back in 2007 [link], DuPont paint is exactly what we used.

The DuPont paint sold in Mexico, is nearly always the old enamel single stage paint that was used for cars in the USA for many years. Single stage paint is far superior than multi-stage paints. And, much more durable too!
MsTioga at the DuPont store in Tequis

PS: The cost for the paint is 3,300 pesos (including a $10US tip). That comes to $231US for all the paint needed for the job at Panchito's Body Shop. Pretty good, huh?

3PM - Fixing radio
We are at the "Pato Valencia" radio shop in Tequis getting the radio repaired. The radio stopped working yesterday. These guys are really good!.

5:30PM - Long shadows
At this time of the day, the shadows get longer, and the Sun gets weaker. Especially of course, inside those shadows! Right now a gentle breeze passes thru MsTioga's open door and windows. Really nice, that breeze.

When we returned to Home Camp, what a surprise we had! One of the hummer's Sweet Flowers was almost empty! Quickly we made a batch of nectar, and refilled.

New Mavicita believes that there are more hummers coming to the Sweet Flowers than ever before. Maybe hummers are continuing to migrate, and, finding a nice food supply at our Sweet Flowers, camping out right near Home Camp!

Partly cloudy