Monday, June 04, 2012


8AM - Drive to DHL
In about an hour, MsTioga will head northwest to the DHL station in the outskirts of Queretaro to pick-up our shipment. This is a nice drive for us on the TiogaRV Team. On the way we will go by the screw shop in San Juan del Rio.

We always stop and browse the screw shop. It's hard to buy a many screws in Mexico. We stock a ton of screws for our maintenance and building projects. Today we need #8 x 1" zinc plated pan head screws. When we are there, we will recheck our screw inventory to see if something else is needed. Also, they sell tools in the screw shop, and we love to look at tools!

After picking up all of our stuff from DHL, the plan is to return to Home Camp. But first we want to stop by Panchto's body shop and talk to Panchito about installing our new air conditioner. There are a ton of other things that we want Panchito to do. And we have to discuss all of this stuff with him.

We will write about all of these things later on.
The Screw Shop

8:30AM - Peso falls!
I have never experienced a peso worth less than $.07US. Yesterday when I got cash at the ATM, the peso was at $.0697US. For me this is a lot!

In April I paid $305.41 for 3,000 pesos. Yesterday the cost was $209.14 for 3,000 pesos!

10AM to 1PM - Trip to DHL took a long time!
First thing that happened on the way was to DHL was that we found out that Garmin Nuvi GPS had the wrong location for DHL! It was my fault!! The first trip that we made a trip to DHL I put the wrong address into the Nuvi GPS and never corrected it. So, MsTioga drove too far north. Then when we figured out the mistake, we missed the turn-off and drove too far south. Here in Mexico, sometimes the turn-a-rounds are hard to find or are a long distance between.

When we got to the DHL warehouse, we were shown are shipment. In the first pic below is the shipment on the infamous pallet that got fumigated for $100US. Wow! Makes me laugh to think of paying $100US for such a fumigation. BTW, USAMail1 paid me back for that $100US.

The plastic shroud had to be removed from the air-conditioner unit in order for the A/C to fit in Tioga's doorway.
The pallet and shipment

Air conditioner and plastic shroud [rear]

Air conditioner in Tioga's doorway

Blue sky