Thursday, June 07, 2012

Early morning

6:30AM - Early morning
In the early morning, there are things to do around Home Camp. One Sweet Flower is low on nectar. In the pre-dawn darkness, I carefully made my way to the flower and brought it back to MsTioga. I'd prepared the nectar yesterday evening. So the liquid is well cooled. After filling and applying Vaseline to the hanging hook, the Sweet Flower was returned to its place.

The other Sweet Flower had a bunch of dead ants inside. I have no clue how these ants pass the coating of Vaseline on the hanging hook. But they do! Intrepid little critters, those ants! A colander with a wire strainer is used to separate the dead ants from nectar. The Sweet Flower is well rinsed, re-filled, and returned to its place.

Now, there are other things to do. Check the flowers to see if any seeds have sprouted. None yet! Listen to the sounds of the animals who live around Home Camp. Dogs, roosters, chickens, donkeys. A cacophony of sound.

New Mavicita is at the window crying to be taken outside. She wants to capture a pic of the pre-dawn sky and the view looking east where the Sun will soon rise. This view is almost primordial. If we were here 60,000,000+ years ago, would there be dinosaurs grazing down there in the lush fields of those times?
This is what it actually looked like at 6:30am this morning

8PM - Distant thunder
About an hour ago, we returned from central Tequisquiapan. Today is Spanish lesson day with Professora Gina. Always a good time!

After returning to Home Camp, we moved our plants from their hiding place in the bushes, and watered them. Still no seed sprouts! Man! All around us we hear the sound of distant thunder. Sometimes see a lightning flash. Thunder is 12 - 20 miles distant.

While we were at the Spanish lesson, New Mavicita captured a pic of Professora Gina and myself. Also a pic of our iced tea and quesadilla/guacamole snack! We live the good life.

7 Million Visits
Looks like our SiteMeter counter will roll over 7-million visits tomorrow. Wow!

We usually commemorate the passing of a million visits with a video. But this year we may simply share with you how lucky we feel to be blessed with a website that allows us to feel connected with so many readers.

Thank you soooooo much!

Correction: Mathematical error! We should roll-over seven million visits four days from now. NOT tomorrow!

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