Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family time

6AM - Time with family
The plan for the next few days is to spend time with family. Telling this story may be a bit challenging for our blog. Because these family members have asked not to be written about or pictured in our blog. 

We do not know exactly how we will do it, but somehow we hope to tell you what is going on.

1PM - Breakfast
We shared a lovely breakfast with family. Omelettes with cheese, onions, avocado, home made chili. Fresh orange juice. Really great time.

Right now I am checking into my room at the Best Western Plus Inn at Scotts Valley. The plan is to remain at this hotel for our two day visit to Santa Cruz.

3PM - BofA credit card
I dropped in at a Bank of America here in the City of Santa Cruz to ask for a credit card. You may recall that I was refused a rental car at Avis last week because I only had debit card. Bank of America approved my credit card application. But even this credit application was not straightforward!

It seems that in order to have credit, you must use credit. This is easy to do. Simply use a credit card to make purchases and pay the amount owed each month on time.

BofA is giving me what they call a "credit-builder" credit card! Imagine that!? Building credit at 74 years of age. Will wonders ever cease?

5PM - Supper
One family member is a terrific cook. Especially with Japanese food. And prepared sushi for supper. From raw ingredients just like in a restaurant. Came out great too!
Sushi rolls