Wednesday, June 06, 2012


7AM - Checking on our flower seeds
This morning is the 8th day since we planted our flower seeds. The seed packets for the earliest germination advise 6-8 days. So, we rushed out to see our sprouting garden.

Nothing! Not even a green speck!

But we do have volunteers that have sprouted up since we began watering in front of MsTioga. Last nite's rain storm helped our volunteer flowers a lot!

We also checked on the cover/frame that is used to disguise the hole in the ceiling left when Tioga's old air conditioner was removed in 2007. The cover fell down and broke during our trip to DHL. We repaired the frame last nite. It came out good! This cover is being moved from the a/c ceiling hole to the forward vent which will be removed during the big project that Panchito's Body Shop will be doing.

Volunteer flowers

2PM - Ordering more stuff
I've been shopping around on the net for more stuff that is needed. PPL Super Store is where I have been shopping lately. Yesterday I wrote down some things that I wanted to buy at PPL. Today when I went back to PPL's website to order this stuff, I could not locate one of the items!

So, I phoned up PPL customer service and asked for help. A guy with a gruff voice tells me,  "We don't have that item here. Never have. Wrong part number too!" This is not the first time that I have had difficulties with PPL. I've found that their ordering people are often rude! Very rude! Or extremely rude!!

So, I hung up the phone, and went shopping on the internet. Found the Xantrex inverter that I planned to order from PPL [here]. The price was about the same, but shipping was free!

There were some other things that I had planned to buy from PPL.  I shopped on the net for these things too. And found a really neat RV website called, "RV Upgrades" [link]. Not only did I buy the light fixtures that I needed, but I found a really neat battery watering system too! [link].

For the life of me, I cannot comprehend companies that do NOT have excellent customer sales and service. It is sooooo easy to be nice. So easy to be cooperative and thoughtful. The shopping system at the RV Upgrades website, got me to buy the battery watering system. The installation directions answered all of my questions! Great shopping experience for me.

3PM - TiogaRV Team's shopping and phone systems
We on the TiogaRV Team, believe that our new shopping and phone systems really are keen!

Shopping: It is now easy to shop in the United States and get stuff shipped to us in Mexico. The big question remains: "Is this shopping and shipping system economical? Is there a better way? A cheaper way?"

We do NOT believe that there is a better or cheaper way. We love to be able go online at our Home Camp, shop online all over the USA, and have our purchased stuff delivered here to us in Mexico. What could be better than that? Convenient! Easy! Economical! Wow! Double wow with sugar on it.

Phoning: How about the TiogaRV phone system? We use Rebtel [link] to make our phone calls from Mexico to the United States. Rebtel receives the actual phone number of the person or business that we wish to call, and returns a new number. This new number is local to us and has a very low per/minute cost.

We use [link] for those who want to phone us from the United States. We pay for these calls, but for the person or business that is phoning us, the call is not long distance! We pay about 5.6 cents/minute for these calls to us from the USA.

What do you think about these plans? Hmmmm?

Partly cloudy