Sunday, June 03, 2012

Glue net

8AM - Internet sooooo slow!
This morning the internet is like walking thru glue! It is sooooo slow!

As I answered my email, clicking "Send" took several minutes to complete. So, instead of answering email in 15 minutes or so, it took over two hours! Yuk!

10AM - Our first garden
Home Camp is not the location of our only garden. Our first garden was called, "Hill Camp" and was located on a hill overlooking the Sea of Cortez in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia [Baja California-South].

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Jorge at Hill Camp in Santa Rosalia
January, 2007

11AM - The cell phone incident
Those of you who were with me during my three winters camping in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia, may have wondered at my sudden departure. In April, 2007, I left Santa Rosalia, never to return. I've not written about what caused me to suddenly depart. However, much time and distance has passed. So, I've decided to tell the story.

At that time, I had a cell phone which I rarely used. The cell phone was stashed in a bedroom dresser drawer. Two of the neighbor's kids liked to come over to MsTioga's to play. We baked cookies, and they got to mix up the recipe. We played games. They helped me keep the place clean, and I paid them both wages for their work. These two were the only kids who ever entered MsTioga.

After my stay in the hospital to get cured of pneumonia, I went to use the phone and found it missing. I figured that it was simply mislaid, and did not give it much more thought. And then a bill came in from T-Mobile for $200+ dollars. I immediately phoned T-Mobile to alert that somebody [not me] was using my cell phone. But by that time, an additional $1,500+ calls had been made.

At that time I was far south of Santa Rosalia, in Ciudad Constitucion where MsTioga got her fiber glass and paint jobs. I had plenty of time to think about what I should do. Two months, in fact! Should I tell the family that only their kids had the opportunity to take the cell phone? Should I just drop the whole thing and forget it? I decided that if one of my children had stolen something, or was suspected of stealing something, I would want to be told. So, I told the grandmother.

The grandmother believed me and I could see on her face that she was very distressed and concerned. But the grandfather and mother did not believe me. And that was the end of our friendly relationship. I tried to make amends, but what can one do? I apologized for what I had said, but the apology was not accepted. Especially by the grandfather.

You may recall that I had been doing repair and maintenance projects on the family's home for a few years. The latest project was a complete renovation of the home's electrical service. They could not do much maintenance, because the cost was too much for them. Hundreds of readers donated $4,000US++ for the electrical project. The grandfather while angry, told me that he believed that I did all of this work only so that I could camp on the hill.

There was no resolution to this breach between us that I could figure out. So, I left Santa Rosalia and Hill Camp. As you may imagine, I learned some things from this hard experience!

5PM - Hummers at Home Camp
It's really tough to catch a video of those hummers. Usually, they zoom in to the flower fast, and zoom away fast too! However, New Mavicita was lucky this afternoon and captured this snippet which shows their beautiful wing movement.

Clear sky