Friday, June 15, 2012

Installation day

7PM - Installation Day!
It is now 7pm. We are about 12 hours late making our first blog post today. This day has been a very busy, busy time for us. Now is the first chance that we have had to sit down with our MacBook computer and share with you what has been going on!

This is Installation Day! Today all of the equipment will receive a final installation on MsTioga's roof. Here in words and pics is what happened!

First came the installation of our rear vent [which is now are only remaining vent].
Panchito silicone caulks the new roof vent

Then it was the turn for the new air-conditioner to be brought up to MsTioga's roof.
Pedro and Pancho [R] bring up the new air-conditioner

Panchito applies caulk to new air-conditioner frame

Here is the air-condition in place before the plastic cover is installed.
Air-conditioner in its roof place

Below, Panchito is inside MsTioga installing the air-conditioner tie-down bolts. There is a soft-sponge gasket which is on the bottom of the air-conditioner base-pan. When Panchito tightens the tie-down bolts, the soft-sponge gasket gets "squished". The sponge and the silicone form a very good seal. Almost impossible for rain to enter this seal. Especially since the seal is about 1.5" above the roof because of the raised-frame.
Panchito installing tie-down bolts

Somehow in all of the excitement of today, taking photos of the raising up and installation of the two solar panel sections was forgotten. Well, we cannot blame New Mavicita for this oversight!

However, the solar panels were installed, and you can see them in the pano-pic of our new roof!
Tah-dah! We present to you MsTioga's new roof!

Partly cloudy