Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Love to travel

6:30AM - Love to travel!
We love to travel. Love the anticipation of a journey. Love going to airports. We especially love the feeling of excitement at airports. Even going thru the inspection lines is a fun time for us. However, when I go thru airport inspection tomorrow, I am wearing my Teva sandals so that I do not have to fumble with untying my shoes!

Our bus from the City of Tequisquiapan departs at 9:45am and heads out for Mexico City. It takes a couple of hours for this trip. The bus trip ends at the airport in Mexico City. We will stay overnite at the nearby Ramada Aeropuerto Hotel.

This morning MsTioga will be dropped off at Panchito's Body Shop at around 8am. We will be giving the DuPont paint that we bought yesterday to Panchito to use on MsTioga's paint repair job.

Then we take the bus which passes right in front of Panchito's Body Shop to the bus station in Tequisquiapan, about 20 minutes away.

1:30PM - Ramada Aeropuerto Hotel
We have arrived at the Ramada! The hotel is very close to the airport. In fact, only a couple of hundred meters. A Ramada van arrived at the airport to shuttle us to the hotel.

The check-in was flawless. In fact, when I was still at the airport, a lady from Ramada came up to me and asked if I had a reservation and showed me a list of names. There was my name at the bottom of the list! Can you imagine that?

I get a kick out of Ramada's decor. The accent color is bright red. Sort of what I imagine a room in a bordello would be like.

If you click on the Nite Camp Location below, a map will come up that shows where we are right now! We are the "green" arrow on the map.

4PM - The great Jacuzzi story!
Hotel Ramada Aeropuerto has a very nice Jacuzzi. So, I went to see it. The Jacuzzi was empty. No water. "We will have somebody fill it right away!", I was told by the hotel staff. And, sure enough, in about 10 minutes two people arrived. A young man and an older woman.

They turned on the faucets to fill the tub. Faucets the size of an ordinary bathroom's tub. But hot water was coming out of these faucets! That's a good thing.

The young man fumbled around with the valve that emptied the tub, and turned the valve to let the water out of the tub into the drain. I waited until the two left, and closed the valve. As I type to you, the Jacuzzi is about 1/4 filled. I plan to sit in the tub while the water closes in around my body.

Oh, yes. One more thing! I just ordered "Salmon Ahumado" [smoked salmon] from room service to be delivered to the hot tub for a snack. Ahhhhhhh!
Hot tub fills up for Jorge!

Pool side Smoked salmon

Airport view thru hot tub's screened window

Cloudy sky