Monday, June 18, 2012

Marking MsTioga Day

11AM - Marking MsTioga Day!
Today we mark the places on MsTioga's exterior where we want Panchito's Body Shop to repair accidental boo-boos. We will mark these boo-boo places with masking tape.

When MsTioga received her fiberglass and paint jobs at Jose The Fiberglass guy's shop in 2007, Tioga came out of that shop pretty much cherry. A short while later, we stopped in the desert to take a pic of myself and MsTioga. We published "Before and After" pics to show how much MsTioga had changed [link].

We knew back then in 2007, that a time would come when we would have an accident. And that proved to be correct. We have had the more serious boo-boo type accidents repaired shortly after they occurred. But now we want to put MsTioga back into cherry condition again. Perhaps even "better than before".

We really like the quality of Panchito's Body Shop a lot. Both Panchito (son) and Pancho (Dad), are top quality professionals and take their work very seriously. So, we will be marking up MsTioga today and leaving MsTioga in the care of Panchito's Body Shop while we are gone on the California trip.

In the pano pic below, you may be able to see our making tape markers. There are a lot of markers! We have blown up this pic to our maximum size. Clicking on the pic will make it bigger. Then scroll by using your (4) arrow keys.

The pic is distorted because we took a pano in order for New Mavicita to get closer to Tioga.
MsTioga all marked up for Panchito's Body Shop

3PM - DuPont store
Tioga and I are at the DuPont store in central Tequisquiapan. In addition to the paint already purchased, Panchito wants us to buy (1) liter more of the cream color. We are also buying (1) gallon reducer and (2) liters catalyst.

It is interesting watching how the exact color is produced using orange, red, black, yellow and white paints.

Did you know that there are three different auto paints. The kind of paint used for MsTioga is a single stage paint. A single stage paint includes the base color and the brilliance in one paint.

Then there is a two stage paint with a base that includes the color desired and a transparent top coat that gives the brilliance.

The third paint is three stage and has a white base coat. A color coat. And a transparent top coat for brilliance.

4PM - A general rant about quality
The subject of this 4pm post is a rant about low quality companies. So, if you do not like rants, tune out right now!

I will make a statement about companies that are high quality. "There are damn few of them". There are thousands and thousands of companies. And they are nearly all, without exception, very low quality companies.

And if I am correct in this analysis, which I definitely am, why are these companies operating at a low level of quality? I will answer this question right here:

All low quality companies have one thing in common:
"They do NOT use their own product or service!"

I know that this statement is 100% spot on. Because if any low quality company would actually use their own product or service, they would no longer be low quality. Because they would know what is bad about what they sell, and they would fix it!

So who are these low quality companies? Well, I would classify Google, Microsoft, Samsung as being in this group. In fact, in my opinion, of all of the large well known companies, only Apple Computer remains inside the rare classification of "High Quality".

Let me give you some examples:
  1. Recently I bought a Samsung Android so-called "Smartfone". Google developed the Android system. And Samsung produced the cell phone that I bought. But nobody at Samsung has actually used one of their own phones. Because if they did use one, they would find that the screen goes blank in the middle of a phone call. When the phone's monitor goes blank, you are not able to hang up a call. Or turn on or off the speaker! It is crazy!

    And there is absolutely NO WAY to control these things from happening. No way! Not on my phone, anyway. BTW, did you know that you could buy a certain model Samsung cell phone on Monday, buy the same model on Tuesday, and they would both operate differently? Crazy, yes? But it's true!

    So, I conclude, that since Samsung would do something to correct this gross problem if they knew about it, that they do not know about it. Because they never used their own phone to see if it works or not! Hmmmm?
  2. Recently I also bought an Olympian Wave3 Catalytic heater. I have owned the larger Wave6 for nine years. When I received the Wave3, I was very surprised to learn that the handle which was stamped into the rear panel of the Wave6, is not present in the Wave3 model. This means that when my Wave3 is hot, there is no convenient way of picking up the heater. Unless a user wants to somehow lift up the thing by its feet. Awkward at best!

    Also, the sign on the front of the heater which describes the heat level, has the word "Star" printed on it. What could "Star" mean?
It actually should be, "Start".

One thing in common:
All of these low quality companies have one thing in common. 

That thing is:
  • "They do not give a damn what their customer thinks, or if their product or service works well, or does not work at all!"
Sometimes I wonder what Bill Gates would do if he were using a computer with his own operating system, and he was doing something pretty important. And suddenly, his computer announced in a curt sentence:

"Your system is being updated. Your computer will now shut down. Please do not disconnect from electric power."

6PM - Son David and his Mom
Early this afternoon, my cell phone rang. It is David's Mom calling. She is also my best friend in the whole World. This phone call is in reply to a message I left for her on voice-mail. I wanted to share about something that was happening lately when thinking about our Son, David.

You see, I am having a wonderful time lately. Re-engineering Tioga's roof and watching my plans becoming reality at Panchito's Body Shop is just about the best of all things for me. And yet! And yet!!! There is an emptiness in all that. Because I cannot help but compare my life at 75 years and Son David's shortened life which ended one day before his 46th birthday.

What brings up these thoughts? This emptiness?

I share with David's Mom, what I have just shared with you. My voice cracks. I choke back tears. I tell her, "I don't think that I am ever going to get over this! It's here forever with me. Is it like that for you too?"

David wrote in part in his final note: "Please do not be mad, or grieve excessively. It will all work out!"

I guess it has all worked out. David was right in that.

Some clouds