Thursday, June 14, 2012

Painting day

10AM - Painting day!
The time has come to paint MsTioga's greatly remodeled roof. And as you may know, most of the work of painting is in the preparation. Pancho [Panchito's father] and Pedro [17 year old helper], are doing the paint prep which consists of hand sanding with a special DuPont liquid product.

This painting prep work is a tough stoop labor type of activity. I have traveled for several years throughout the Country of Mexico. I've talked to hundreds and hundreds of Mexicans who do this kind of labor here, and in the USA too. Most of these laboring people begin at a very young age to work in the fields. Perhaps as early as seven years old.

I believe that this early conditioning causes a fundamental change in the emotional makeup of these laborers. They become able to do sustained labor. Backbreaking labor. Without stopping. Just grinding on, hour after hour. No complaints. Just work!
Pancho (Panchito's 70 year old father)

DuPont special cleaning product

Note: I thought that this DuPont product was for cleaning. Actually, it is a filler, similar to Bondo.

1:30PM - Mixing
Mixing the paint is very surprising for me. Because the paint is thinned out so much with reducer and catalyst. I remembered back in 2007, the painter at the shop of Jose the Fiberglass Guy, the painter thinned out the paint a great deal too.
Panchito mixing our roof paint

2PM - Spraying the roof
This is an exciting moment. I've been thinking about and planning the renovation of Tioga's roof for several months. Now, the moment is here! And the fresh white paint looks sooooo good!

There will be four coats of paint. Or, as they say here, "Cuatro pasos".
Panchito spraying the first of four coats white roof paint

Clear sky