Monday, June 11, 2012

Panchitos Body Shop

8AM - Panchito's Body Shop
Today begins MsTioga's big transformation! We are going to Panchito's Body Shop this morning, to do all of the work that we've written to you about before. We don't know right now, how many days will be required to complete all of this work. But we are guessing that MsTioga may be at Panchito's shop for about two weeks.

The first thing to be done is to repaint MsTioga's fiberglass roof. In order to do this roof paint job, a lot of preparation is required. For one thing, the equipment on MsTioga roof needs to be removed. This includes Mr. Datastorm and Mr. Sunny's solar panels.

The roof has to be prepared to receive our new air conditioner [A/C]. MsTioga's roof already has an opening for this A/C. And this opening has electric power because it was the opening where our old A/C was located. The opening was covered over with fiberglass in 2007.

There's a lot of detail work to be done too.  New Mavicita will be taking pics of everything so that you will know what is going on!

10AM - Taking off the roof stuff
Tioga and I arrived at Panchito's Shop at about 9:30am. Panchito and his crew were working on a pickup truck, and about 1/2 hour later, they stopped working on the truck and began working on MsTioga's roof job.

The first thing to do was remove the solar panels. Three of the crew were on the roof working! It took about 1/2 hour to unfasten the solar panels and remove the connecting cables. Then the panels were lowered to the ground and stored in a shady place.

Then the Datastorm antenna was detached from it mountings, and cables removed too. It was necessary to raise the Datastorm antenna to remove some of the hold-down screws. The antenna was raised and lowed by attaching a hand drill to the gear reduced drive shaft.
Detaching solar panels

Removing Datastorm
Panchito is the guy with the red hat facing the camera

Removing Datastorm's inside fasteners

Lowering Datastorm to the ground
Panchito and his father are doing the lowering

8:30PM - Back at Home Camp
Man-O-Man! Panchito and his body shop crew are working maniacs! They begin working at 5AM [when it is still dark], and close shop at 8PM [when it is almost dark].

Tioga and I got back to Home Camp right before night closed in. There was barely enough light to capture the pic below showing an almost empty roof.

Do you see all of those bosses on the roof. They are the little mounds of wood covered with fiberglass, used to hold down pieces of our equipment. Most of these bosses will be removed tomorrow since they will no longer be needed. We will write about that in maƱanas blog post.
Empty roof!

Clear sky