Wednesday, June 13, 2012


10AM - A pause at Panchito's
One of Panchito's customers had a small accident with his truck. The shop is busy repairing the damage. So, there is a pause for MsTioga's roof work. I suspected in advance that a pause would happen. Panchito has ongoing customers. He cannot afford to devote his shop to me for several days in a row, without suffering disappointment from some of his other customers.

Meanwhile, I am sort of happy for this break in the action. While the shop is working on MsTioga, I am kept very busy doing things to support their work. And by the end of each day's work here at Panchito's, I have been exhausted.

Also, there are plenty of things-to-do on my list to keep very, very busy. One thing that was done this morning, was to hook-up Mr. Sunny's solar panels to the battery bank. We are using a 16 gauge extension cord for the hook-up. So, there is a huge voltage drop. But we are receiving 5 amps. That is 5 amps that we would be losing if not for the hook-up.

By-the-way, Panchito does not have electric power from the power company here at his shop. Only power is from a gas powered generator.
Temp solar hook-up

That is right. MsTioga is giving away some things. And the price is great! $Free!
  • Datastorm/Hughes internet system. In working condition! All parts included to make an internet connection once you have a HughesNet account.
  • Roof vent from the Fan-Tastic Vent Corporation. Brand new! Never been used!
Both of these items are surplus to our present needs. Come now and pick them up. A great deal~

NOTE: Both the Datastorm and the Fan-Tastic Vent were picked up this afternoon by reader José who lives in the nearby City of Queretaro.