Thursday, June 21, 2012

Phils BBQ

7AM - Phil's BBQ
Yesterday afternoon, close to our hotel, we noticed a restaurant with a huge amount of patrons waiting in line for a table. Maybe over 100 people. "It's always like this", a couple standing in front of the restaurant told us. "It takes over an hour to get in. But there's a trick. If you go to the bar and wait for an empty chair, you may order food much faster!"

So, that exactly what happened. We got our delicious, scrumptious, fantastic BBQ at the bar in only 5-minutes! It was soooooo good. Impossible to describe the great taste!

Credit reports
Yesterday I was denied a car rental by Avis Rent a Car after Avis reviewed a credit report from Equifax [credit reporting company]. I took a look at the Equifax report online. There are three negative items in that report. They are from:
  • Midland Credit: I have never heard of Midland Credit and have never done business with this company.
  • HSBC Bank: I have disputed with HSBC for well over a year about a mis-applied a credit given to me by Cheap Tickets. When I informed HSBC, they agreed that an error had been made by them, but never corrected their error.
  • T-Mobile: This involves a dispute over a phone that was stolen from me. I reported the stolen phone to T-Mobile as soon as I learned of the theft. T-Mobile persists in trying to collect for calls the thieves made. T-Mobile gave up their claim for more than $1,500, but will not give up on about $450 which I refuse to pay.
This credit stuff is annoying, but is meaningless to me because I do not use credit, don't need credit, and do not plan to use credit ever again. 

In fact, if I had the chance to live my life all over again, I would have never bought anything on credit in my entire life. The way I should have done it, would have been to save money first, then buy what I wanted. This absolutely includes houses, cars, and other luxuries. [Please excuse this rant] 

Note: I do not plan to file a dispute with Equifax, because I do not care what they have in their credit files. I wrote about these credit issues here in my blog only to clarify this subject with you.

US Border Protection helps a senior!
Yesterday at LAX, I approached the US Border Protection area where they inspect and stamp passports. There were over 100 people waiting in the line. A Border Protection guard opened up the barrier and waved me thru to the head of the line.

Wow! Can you imagine that! I don't feel as though I need the help. But I sure do appreciate the consideration! Pretty neat, huh?

10AM - Biking and burgers with John
I've a date to go biking with my friend John along the Mission Bay beach walk. We bike north to a coffee stand along the beach walk in the Town of Pacific Beach. We buy cafe lattes and talk about all the stuff that has been going on. Later we will bike over to Five Guys Burgers for lunch.

John was one of four people who gave me strong support during the time right after my son David killed himself in September, 2010.

6PM - Supper with Mimi and John
I've been invited to Mimi and John's home for supper! On arriving, Mimi showed me the dessert she had prepared. Two gorgeous cherry pies fresh from the oven. The pies looked soooooo good!

The main course is what Mimi described as, "Mexican lasagne", and it was sooooooo good too!.

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