Saturday, June 23, 2012

Phone and internet

7AM - Phone and internet
Yesterday I left the Samsung phone charger in my Heritage Inn hotel room in San Diego. The charger must have slipped out of the pocket of my travel bag, because I know that I put the charger in the bag. This morning in ShoutBox, reader TammyR suggested to go to the front desk at Howard Johnson Hotel, and ask them for a charger. Would you believe that they had a huge box of chargers? And found one for my Samsung phone? Wow! Thank you soooooo much TammyR!

Phone service: Guess what? The Telcel phone from Mexico is working for me here in California. I do not know how or why it is working. But am sooooo happy that it is! When the phone turns on, in the screen's upper corner it reads, "AT&T/Telcel". The phone is able to dial other phones. And, when somebody phones my number, the phone rings. Go figure? The phone stores that I asked about this tell me that what happened is not possible. But it happened anyway!

Verizon Internet Access: Yesterday afternoon I took my Verizon Modem USB stick to a local Verizon store and asked for a pay-as-you-go account. You may recall that this is the 2nd time that I went to a Verizon store with the same request. The first Verizon store could not do it. Something about a network problem.

However, yesterday, the Verizon store in San Diego was able to install a new Sim chip into my Modem USB device. And the new Sim chip only cost $5US! So now I have a very fast internet connection from Verizon, almost everyplace that I go. Pretty neat, huh?

6PM - Extended Stay America
We have checked in to our room at Extended Stay America near the John Wayne Airport near Santa Ana, California.

We spent a very nice afternoon with Cousin Jacky. Talking about old times, going out for Chinese food. Good time! We talked about  being the last of our generation. And still being vertical and above the ground. That's what people talk about sometimes, when they get to their middle 70s!

Clear sky