Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Phone puzzle

7AM - Phone puzzle
What I would like to have when visiting the United States, is a phone that costs very little to use and contains my Google directory of all my contacts. So far, I've not solved this phone puzzle. I've tried a couple of things, but do not like the results.

The first thing that I tried, was to simply use my Telcel phone. That worked! But it costs a fortune to use that phone. This Telcel phone method cost $50US in only two days! Hmmmm? Bummer!

The 2nd thing that I tried was to buy a phone card. That worked too! But not very good. This phone card required keying in the PIN and the phone number that I was trying to call. Too much trouble!

It seems that I should be able to get an Android phone that would be pay-as-you-go and would receive my Google phone directory. But for some unknown reason, I've not been able to find such a phone. Not yet, anyway!

12 Noon - AT&T
Here is what happened this morning. I went to the Santa Barbara AT&T store because on the Telcel phone it read: At&T/Telcel. I asked the AT&T guy if he could put a Sim card into the Telcel phone. "Yes!, if the phone is not locked". However, when the AT&T guy checked the Telcel phone, he found that it was locked.

"You will have to get another phone", the AT&T guy told me. So, I got another phone. It is an Android phone, same as the Telcel phone. With this AT&T phone, I bought an unlimited "pay-as-you-go" plan.

I got my contact list from Google transferred to this new AT&T phone. Everything seems to be working now. Praise be The Lord!

4PM - Uncle Seymour's art work
Uncle Seymour has maybe 15+ pieces of metal artwork around his home. Some readers like Seymour's art and have asked for more pics. Here are a few!

Blue sky

Posted from the hills above Santa Barbara, California