Saturday, June 30, 2012

Phony phones

6 AM - Phony phones
Yesterday I was getting pretty snippy with everybody. Because I found out yesterday just how much I have been getting screwed over by phone companies. Both here in the United States and in Mexico. 

Phone companies are not honest. In fact, I would label phone companies as being crooked. They lie, cheat and do just about anything to sell a phone.

I bought three phones in recent months. Two in Mexico. One here in the USA. Both phones in Mexico were sold as being brand new. In fact, they were old phones. For example the Samsung GT-S5830L was first released in March, 2011 and I got it with the Android 2.3.4 operating system, released in April, 2011. This Samsung was sooooo bad! I could not even hang up a phone call because the screen disappeared during a call.

I did not comprehend how bad this Samsung GT-5830L phone was until I bought another "brand new" phone from AT&T a couple of days ago. The AT&T phone is the Huawei-U8652 Android version 2.3.5. This Huawei was sold as being unlocked. In fact, it is locked. The U8652 was first produced in June, 2011 and came with Android 2.3.5 released July 2011. This Android version is not even supported anymore!

AT&T lied to me and told me that the Huawei was unlockable and all that I needed to do was phone AT&T customer service to get it unlocked. This was a damned lie! 

Let the buyer beware
I am not completely green. I understand the concept, "Let the buyer beware!" Well, I am aware now. And I do not believe even one thing that any of these phone companies claim, tell me, or advertise. Not anymore!

12 Noon - Lunch with family
One of my family members has been doing big favors for me by accepting deliveries at her home, depositing checks and forwarding mail. We went out for lunch today as a small reward for all of these favors. It was a good lunch at a Japanese restaurant with a habachi grill.

Another close family member went with us. This was a very good time!

2PM - Courtyard Marriott Hotel
I'm checked into the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Pleasant Hill, California. For many years, this area was my home. I've returned here to visit a couple of friends.

Paul Gouveia is one of those friends. Paul was my partner in restoring the Veterans Monument during the 1990s.

Glenn Marchand is the other friend. Glenn was a journeyman cabinetmaker at the Emminger Corporation while I was working there during the latter 1990s.

I hope to visit with both of them.

Clear sky