Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Push north

8AM - Big push north
This morning after breakfast at Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour's home, we will head north out of Santa Barbara. This afternoon when we stop for the nite, we will have driven over 200 miles and be in the City of Monterey, California.

This Big Push North is a challenge for me. As you may know, I get "highway hypnosis" or "white line fever" kind of easily. The only cure that I have found for myself when this happens, is to immediately pull over and stop driving.

I've made a deal with myself never to look for a more convenient pull-over place. When I feel the fever coming on, I pull over right now and take a rest.

12 Noon - Two+ rants! 
Rant #1 - Bank of America and Quicken: 
A few months ago I upgraded Quicken 2001 to Quicken 2012. While using Quicken 2012, an ad popped up asking if I would like to subscribe to "Quicken Online Backup". A Free Trial, the ad offered.  So, I accepted this free trial.

It turned out that Quicken's Online Backup was terrible. Just a rotten software routine. Not intuitive. Not anything, as far as I was concerned. I rejected Quicken Online Backup with a scathing email. And guess what happened? About a month later I received a "Thank you" email from Quicken telling me that my account would be charged $9.99 for the service that I had NOT ordered!!

So, I contacted Quicken to tell them that I had not ordered backup. But Quicken's phone system would NOT connect me to a human. Instead directed me to their website. Bummer! Well, I know enough to understand when I am getting the run-a-round. And instead phoned Bank of America to reverse the charge.

And I actually got BofA to reverse the charge. But right at the end of the phone call with BofA, the lady says to me, "Your card will be cancelled and we will mail you a new card!" "NO, NO, NO!" I replied. "I don't want my card cancelled. Just the charge reversed." "We always cancel the card when there is fraud', she replied. "There is no fraud, just a mistake!", I countered. "I am sorry, but this is fraud. The card is cancelled".

You know something, I just do not understand a company whose supposed Customer Service people do not listen! So, this morning I went to a local BofA and got a new card issued to me.

Rant #2 - AT&T:
Yesterday I wrote to you about going to a local AT&T store in Santa Barbara. I got a new Android phone that works sooooooo much better than my Mexican Telcel Samsung Android, that you would not believe.

I tell the sales guy at AT&T that I do NOT want a discount for the phone. I want to pay full price and get an unlocked phone. "No problem!", he tells me. "Just phone customer service within 60 days and they will unlock the phone.

So, this morning I phone AT&T Customer Service and the lady tells me, "This phone cannot be unlocked. Wow!

So, I get the sales guy on the phone and we are having a 3-way conversation with me, the AT&T customer lady and the AT&T sales guy in Santa Barbara. A case number was opened for my complaint. There are more digits in this case number than there are stars in the entire Universe!

Companies that operate today just cannot seem to hardly get things right. I feel damned sorry for them.

5PM - Best Western Ramona Inn
We are now in our room at the Best Western Ramona Inn in the City of Monterey, California. It was a tough drive for me because of my sleeping sickness. Seems to be getting worse!

The room is nice. Got a nice bath tub. One of the first things that I shall do is soak in that tub!