Friday, June 01, 2012

Shipment released

9AM - Shipment released!
We received a tracking email this morning from DHL. Our shipment from the USA which has been "on-hold" for one-week, has been released. It looks like the shipment will arrive on Monday at the DHL station in the City of Queretaro where we will be able to pick it up.

3PM - Who uses the hot water?
Who uses the most hot water? Jorge? Or the hummingbirds? It's close. Jorge fills the plastic bottle every two days for iced tea. The hummingbirds empty their sweet red flower also every two days. We are a thirsty bunch!

We are guessing that there are about 30 hummingbirds getting their food at our sweet flower. We have seen as many as 8 hummingbirds swirling around at the flower at one time. Often hummingbirds chase each other, flashing by where I am sitting, only inches from my face. They are fearless!

4PM - A welcome storm
Grey or darker clouds cover all of the sky. A welcome storm has arrived bringing cooler temperatures. It is usually close to 90°F at this time of day.

The sounds of thunder are coming in from all around us. So far, only a few drops of rain.

5:30PM - Rain
Rain has been falling steadily for about an hour. The flower seeds that I've planted outside, are getting a good start at life!

A quick check of Tioga's windows show no leaks!

8PM - Protector Bird!
In the pic below, you see, "Protector Bird. This self-elected hummingbird guards our red-sweet flower. When another hummingbird arrives to feast, Protector Bird chases that bird away!
Protector Bird

Mostly cloudy