Friday, June 22, 2012

Solar house car

7AM - Solar house and car!
My very good friends, John & Mimi, have a solar powered house and car! The solar panels, batteries and solar equipment were bought and installed during the past year. Then, several months ago, John & Mimi bought a Mitsubishi Miev. An all-electric powered car!

Yesterday while visiting at their home, John put a ladder up against the patio roof, and we both went up to take a look. It is really impressive!

John installed  the big solar panels on the roof all by himself! Initially, the 12 solar panels that are behind John were installed. These 12 panels power the house. Then John installed 6 more panels to power the totally electric, Mitsubishi Miev! Isn't that something else?!

Mimi and John determine who gets to drive the Miev each day by which one of them drives the furthest away from their home. The one that drives the furthest gets the adorable [and completely silent] Mitsubishi Miev!
John shows us his solar electric power array

John "fills" the tank of his Mitsubishi Miev electric car

PS: If you have questions about John & Mimi's solar home and car, send them by email or post in ShoutBox!  We'll get John and Mimi to reply to your questions.

5PM - Encinitas
We are spending the nite at the Howard Johnson Hotel in the Town of Encinitas. We picked Encinitas because the fabulous Self Realization Fellowship garden is here. We first came to the SRF years ago, and wrote a story about this lovely place [link].

We always stop at the SRF gardens for a visit when passing Encinitas.

5:30PM - More info about John & Mimi's solar system!
There are 17 panels in all.  12 are to cover the house usage and five for car usage. More panels could be added, but no reason to. Because these cover our needs.  Any addition to our solar setup leads to diminishing returns on this "investment".
  • No batteries involved:  It is a "grid-tied system", that uses the electric company to store excess and provide more electricity when the panels don't produce quite enough.
  • Electricity production: Our solar system produces up to 29 kilowatt hours of electric power daily on good sunny days.
  • Savings:  About $70  per month on house electricity.  $50-60 per month on gas for car.
  • Additional information: Each solar panel has a small inverter on back and feeds the main electric line.  Each inverter/panel has its own internet address. This means that we are able to monitor electricity output and diagnose problems quickly.
Click [here] to view the web page giving a ton of information about our solar electric system!

9PM - Lost Samsung cell phone charger
Somehow I lost the battery charger for the cell phone. Had it this morning in the hotel in San Diego. Gone now! Looked everywhere. Checked the car with a flashlight. Cannot find that charger!

I know that I will be able to buy a replacement charger in the morning. But, it is the idea of my losing the charger. I am soooooo careful. Guess, not careful enough!

BTW, the Telcel phone works here in California. There is some kind of a relationship between Telcel and AT&T. I don't understand that relationship completely. But the phone works. And it does not appear to be too expensive to make and receive calls.

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