Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stripping the roof

10AM - Stripping the roof
This morning, MsTioga and I took a run into central Tequisquiapan to the lumberyard in order to buy riser blocks for the solar panel assemblies. The bosses [riser blocks fiberglassed into Tioga's roof] on the roof now are 1" high. The new risers [or bosses] are 2" high. This additional height is to accommodate the support legs that are underneath the panels.

This morning Panchito and his body shop crew will be stripping off all of the existing bosses. Then attaching the new riser blocks to Tioga's wood roof. Then, Panchito will fiberglass the wood blocks into the roof.

12 Noon - Re-designing an RV
If an RV is covered in fiberglass, it is sooooo easy to do a re-design. After converting to an all fiberglass exterior in 2007, anything became possible.

Take the solar panel modifications, for example. When we first installed our solar panels, they were scattered about MsTioga's roof. Wherever they fit, that's where they were installed.

In 2007 we decided to make our solar panels tilt-able. That happened at the shop of Jose the Fiberglass guy.  We removed our huge air-conditioner so that all the panels could be installed in one line on our new all-fiberglass roof.

Now in 2012, we decided to re-install an air-conditioning unit. And we are moving one set of solar panels forward about 2 feet. The forward vent was removed and the vent hole was covered to enable the forward solar panel move.

The second set of solar panels are being relocated far to the rear, to the former location of the now removed Mr. Datastorm.

If you are like me, and love to mess around with construction, design and engineering, an RV is a wonderful thing in which to do all of that!
Roof progress at the 2pm lunch break

3:30PM - Panels and A/C to the roof!
Panchito and his Dad decided that it would be safer to move the solar panels and air-conditioner back on to the roof in order to determine the exact location of the hold-down boss risers. So, that is what they did!

I was very happy for them to do this move because it gave a chance to get a glimpse of the completed job!
This is what it's all about!
That's Panchito standing on Tioga's roof

7PM - Home Camp
When we arrived back at Home Camp, the first thing noticed was that both Sweet Flowers were almost empty. That is what we noticed yesterday too. The hummingbird population must have grown a lot for this to happen.

A reader advised us that we may be unbalancing our local hummingbirds by supplying them with all this Sweet Flower nectar. And that we should allow the hummingbirds to go without the Sweet Flower every so often, so that the hummers do not lose their ability to survive without us.

However, after we watched the hummers coming to the Sweet Flower for awhile, we weakened. How could we not give them the nectar which is soooooo easy to prepare. So, we quickly prepared some nectar, and 1/2 filled both flowers.
Two hummers at Sweet Flower
Click the pic twice to see the two hummers

Ready for paint preparation
In the pic below, you see Tioga's roof at the completion of today's work. The blocks that you see are the boss risers for our solar panels (click on pic to make big).

These risers are glued and screwed to the roof substrate (1/2" plywood). Then the block is fiberglassed to the roof.

Blue sky with a few clouds!