Friday, June 08, 2012

We want grass

8AM - We want grass!
Since moving to Home Camp, we have been watering the front yard everyday. Patches of wild grass have turned green! We love that grass. And we want more grass!

This morning we are going to San Juan del Rio to shop for grass seeds. We probably could buy grass seed in Tequisquiapan. But we want to take a ride this morning.
Watering the grass

10AM - Panchito's Body Shop
On the way to San Juan del Rio to shop for grass seeds, we stopped at Panchito's Body Shop and arranged for Panchito to begin working on MsTioga's jobs this coming Monday.

The first thing to be done is paint MsTioga's roof. You may recall that Jose the Fiberglass Guy told us back in 2007, that the roof needed to be repainted with boat paint every 4-5 years. Well, it is 5 years since Jose gave us that advice. So, that is the first thing that Panchito will do.

11AM - DHL Express in San Juan del Rio
As soon as we entered San Juan del Rio, MsTioga made a bee-line for the local DHL Express office. We need the address of this office, because all of our future USA to Mexico shipments will be sent here.

This DHL change from the Queretaro office to the San Juan del Rio office is a major tweak. The DHL in San Juan is about one hour closer to Home Camp. Until a few days ago, we did not know that DHL had an office in San Juan del Rio!

1:30PM - Shopping at the Soriana
We searched all over San Juan del Rio for a nursery that sold grass seeds. We could not find any nursery at all!! So, we are going shopping at the Soriana Super Market. We like this store because they stock stuff that stores in Tequisquiapan do not carry.

Soriana has a really cute little plant section where they sell indoor plants and some flowers. They also have a bunch of tiny cactus for sale here. We bought three little cactus.

Our garden is growing!

5PM - Veterinary shop
We stopped at the Veterinary Shop in Tequisquiapan to ask about grass seeds. We bought our flower and cactus seeds at this shop last week. And those seeds are not sprouting.

We asked the vet what was going on and showed him the package from the plant soil that we used for the seeds. The soil is called, "Happy Flower" and is made by Happy Flower Mexicana [link].

Our flowers do not seem too happy! So, we bought a new bag of planting soil from the vet. Also, two packets of flower seeds and one packet of tomato seeds!

8PM - Confession time!
I may be losing my mind. Yes! Going crazy. And I wanted you to be the first one to know about this terrible event! Here is a good example, to show you what I mean.

When I returned to Home Camp this afternoon, I went to update my blog. But something went wrong with the update. Somehow the "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" buttons were on different lines. These buttons are coded to be on the same line.

I tried and tried to fix the HTML coding. But there seemed to be nothing wrong with the code. Yet, the two buttons were on different lines! Sometimes browsers get things stuck in cache memory. When I cleared this memory, the button problem remained. I tried doing all of the things my experience told me to do. With no success!

A whole hour passed with me trying to resolve this problem. Then I decided to delete the June 8th post completely, and republish. This is not too hard to do. Just save the HTML code from the post. Delete the post. And then republish the same post again.

But somehow, the code from the June 8th post was NOT copied. The code from the June 7th post was copied. How could this have happened? I could not explain it. Anyway, I had to republish the entire June 8th post from memory. And I have just done that.

Now, for confession time.

When stuff like this happens. Stuff that I know that I did right, but it comes out wrong, I truly believe that some extra-heavenly types are responsible. Call them angels. Heavenly creatures. God, or what have you. But I really believe that something (someone?), is controlling this stuff.

This somebody is testing, testing, testing me! For what they are testing, I have no idea. But I am surely being tested, because this kind of thing happens to me a lot!

OK! Now you know. Am I losing my mind? Are angels real? Do extra-earthly creatures control our lives? I do not know if you believe it. But my experience tells me that this is real. Happens to me all the time.

The news!
Seventy four year old Tioga George, an ex-pat living in Mexico lost his mind today. What could have happened?

A neighbor said, "I saw him this morning. He seemed fine!"

A friend was quoted, "I always thought that he had a screw loose somewhere!"

A long time reader, "I followed that guy for years. Never really liked his style. Pretended to be a Mr. Rogers type. You really can't trust those kind of Mr. Rogers types." News reporter asked, "If you did not like him, why did you follow his blog"? Long time reader, "I don't know. That George is like an itch. You gotta scratch it!"

Tioga George publishes a blog about his traveling adventures. "I guess the blogging pressure got too much for him", a friend who lives close to Tioga George told the news this afternoon.

Blue sky