Thursday, July 19, 2012


8AM - Today's agenda
Side clearance lights: Some things are on the agenda today for completion. One is the installation of rear/side clearance lights. You may recall that stainless screws were purchased yesterday for this installation. In the past, these clearance lights were secured with sheet metal screws which "bit" into the aluminum inside of MsTioga's skirt. This method of securing did not prove to be a good one. The stainless screws purchased yesterday are secured with nuts. We believe this to be a much better way to hold the clearance lights in place and make a good connection to ground [completing the electric circuit].

Solar panel hinges: The second thing on the agenda is tweaking the solar panel hinges. These hinges were installed just a little bit out of position. Right now the panels do not clear the hinges. Raising the panels requires messing with these "out of position" hinges. We want to move the hinge locations slightly to correct this mistake.

Bank account:  Some weeks ago we tried get an account at the HSBC bank in central Tequisquiapan. We had everything needed to get that account except "proof of address". We now have that proof. A copy of the our neighbor's water bill is the proof that is needed. We just "tweaked" their names to be my name in order to satisfy the bank. A little computer magic kind of thing!

2PM - Side clearance lights
The side clearance lights are installed, and we have a pic below to share with you. However, it is the connections that we are very happy about. The connections worked out great! A wire grounds to Tioga's frame.
New clearance light

Wiring pic

3PM - No bank account!
The idea of a getting a Mexican bank account first popped up a couple of months ago when I was thinking about buying land in Mexico. I really do not need a bank account here.

So, this afternoon when I began to get static from bank people at HSBC about needing approval from the vacationing bank manager, I quickly decided to forget about a bank account here.

For years I have been doing fine with just an ATM to fund my activities. Why complicate things? Also, I receive NO ATM fees when using Scotia Bank or Banco Santander both of whom have agreements with Bank of America.

Buying Mexican peso cost
In ShoutBox today, there is some discussion of money costs. I bought 3000 Mexican pesos today and paid $229.17US. This comes out to be $.07639US/peso. The actual exchange rate quoted for a Mexican peso today is $.075609US. So my cost is $.000781/peso.

This equals about .010329% premium for the money received from my ATM. If I withdraw $12,000/year, my cost is about $124US.

Is the ATM the least expensive way to spend money?