Monday, July 23, 2012

Burn out

7AM - Better to burn out
When I think about settling down because of my age, my mind travels to one of my favorite performances of all time. Neil Young at Farm Aid 1985 singing "Hey, Hey, My, My" [link]. Those words! That face! Wow!

In this song, Neil Young sings the words, "Better to burn out, than fade away..." That's exactly how I feel. THAT is the reason that I keep pressing on. Keep going up on MsTioga's roof. Because once you stop doing that stuff, you just fade away.

12 Noon - Hangin round the house
I've just been staying home and hangin round the house. Doing resting in the bed. Watching the hummers from the dining table. It's a gorgeous day. A good one to catch up on rest. My summer cold wants me to do this rest.

I've been toying in my mind with the idea of raising and lowering of the solar panels using linear actuators. You may remember awhile back that fellow RVer Bob Parker helped upgrade our solar panels from a wood to aluminum frame. We showed then how Bob's solar panels are powered with linear actuators. Bob has his panels raised up on an aluminum frame in order to get enough of an angle to move the panels.

We want to be able to do the same thing as Bob Parker, but without raising the panels up on a frame. One day while I was waiting for Gina, my Spanish to arrive at the Plaza Hotel, I happened to glance up at the umbrella over the restaurant table. Umbrellas have a mechanism which does a similar thing to what I want to do with the solar panels.

I believe that I am able to use a simple mechanism, similar to an umbrella, to power the solar panels without raising everything up on a frame.

Partly cloudy