Wednesday, July 25, 2012


9AM - How things have changed
On June 7th, 2003, Tioga and I went on the road on our first great adventure! Back then, the only practical way to get on the internet everywhere, was to have satellite internet capability. We paid about $7,200 to buy  and have installed our Mr. Datastorm.

Who knew then, that in about eight years in the future, a tiny thing called a USB Wireless Modem would obsolete the mobile satellite business?

Battery Changes: Similar changes are happening with storage batteries. A few years ago, a Lithium Ion Battery that would replace a Lead-Acid Deep Cycle Battery was not on the market. Now, they are! Yes, these Lithium batteries cost a fortune. But they are here [link]. And in time, the price should come down a lot.

6PM - Stayed home today
Yes, I just stayed home today at Home Camp. Bought a license frame light online. Watched the hummers. What do you think? Is this a good day? Or what?

7PM - Eating changes
Eating used to be big part of my life. But not anymore. Since I began eating less sugar last year, slowly but surely, the amount of food that I eat went down. And as the food amount went down, the flab came off my mid-section. Don't get me wrong. There is still a lot of flab to go. Flab like this seems to go away very slowly.

Interesting thing for me is that this eating change goes hand-in-hand with my Health Value, Goal #5: "To never over eat." [link]

Before the sugar change in my diet, I was unable to control the amount of food that I ate. Now I do not have to control eating. I just cannot over-eat anymore!

7:30PM - Good size rainstorm
A pretty good size rainstorm blew in from the east. We love it! Now that MsTioga is all rain-proof, we do not have to worry anymore about leaks.

We just watch the rain rolling down off the roof, like a little waterfall.