Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cleaning house

9AM - Cleaning house
Today we are cleaning house! Front to back! Everything that has been hanging-fire for past months is getting the heave-ho!

Yes, we have been procrastinating. Why we have been procrastinating? We do not know the answer to that question! Because all of this stuff that is getting thrown out today has no use for us. One thing that we know for sure. It feels sooooooo good to have made this decision!

And how are we planning to get rid of all of this stuff that we do not need? Well, there is this old guy who has set-up a little junk yard along side the highway. Very close to Panchito's Body Shop. We are going to gather up all of our stuff that we want to dump, and take it over to this little junk yard and see what happens.

11AM - Antonio's Junk Yard
It is very likely that Antonio, the owner of this used goods store, would not describe his roadside stand as a Junk Yard. Here in Mexico, it is a cultural norm never to throw things out that have even an iota of usefulness.

MsTioga drove to Antonio's, and we made introductions. I described that I had things that I did not need anymore, and would like him to look at these things and decide if he could use them.

I put everything outside. Two traveling bags filled with various kinds of things. A HughesNet antenna arm. A popcorn can filled with electronic gear. And a box with copper mine rocks from our days in Santa Rosalia.

Antonio took everything. He could not believe that I was giving it all away for free! But I was. And it made me feel good to give it away, and be done with it.

The blue traveling bag was the one that I used on trips until I inherited David's larger American Tourister travel bag. The orange-black bag I bought during my recent trip to California in order to transport purchased stuff back to Mexico.
Stuff to give away

Antonio's Used Stuff Store

3PM - So squared away!
Everything is sooooooo squared away! You would NOT believe.

We even found a place for the American Tourister Flight Bag which had resided under the dining table since the beginning of 2011. The bag is now in the corner, underneath the clock and behind the living room chair. We never believed that this large bag would fit in the corner before!

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