Friday, July 20, 2012


8AM - Decalcomania
In Mexico, companies that produce and sell decals are called "Decalcomania" [dee-cal-coh-man-í-ah]. A couple of days ago we went to visit "Dimension", a store in Tequis that produces all sorts of transferred printing stuff. Including the replacement decals that MsTioga is wanting. Tioga's decals were removed at Panchito's Body Shop in preparation for her paint job.

The color of Tioga's decals followed the color that they were when MsTioga emerged from the Fleetwood plant in 1991. A silver color. For years we have had a problem with the silver decal color because when the Sun's light reflected off the bright silver, the decal often would become somewhat "not" visible. Especially not visible during some camera shots.

We were forced into making a different color choice at Dimension because the store offered no color silver decals! We were thinking of brown, to match Tioga's brown striping. However, although the brown that Dimension offered was a close brown to the striping, it was not a perfect match. It would look like a mistake to have two-different shades of the color brown on MsTioga's walls.

After trying several different colors and holding the colors up to Tioga's walls trying to imagine how the color would be, we chose "Matt-Black". A flat black decal color. 

It may take a little while to get used to this color once the decals are placed on MsTioga's outer walls. Hmmmm? We are picking up the new black decals this morning and plan to affix them to Tioga's walls later today. 

12 Noon - Tioga and George!
A pic is worth 1000 words. What more can we say?

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