Wednesday, July 18, 2012


6AM - Drought
During the past three years there has been a drought in the Tequisquiapan area. But this year, that drought ended BIG time! While we were at Home Camp yesterday evening, New Mavicita went up MsTioga's roof to look at the lake. The lake had been reduced to a mere pond before the drought ended. But now it is a lake. And people go fishing in this lake.
View of the lake from Tioga's roof

Change pics
While New Mavicita was up on Tioga's roof looking at the lake, she took some pics of the changes made during our recent stay at Panchito's Body Shop. One of the major changes was the installation of our new Giant clearance lights The major feature of the clearance lights is the fabulous fiberglass covered bases.

The pic below is a close-up of one of the lights so that you may see what the base looks like.
Gorgeous fiberglass base mount

The pic below shows one of our solar panel assemblies and the five clearance lights. The solar panel assembly has been moved forward to make room for our new air-conditioning unit.
The solar panels now also have new fiberglass covered mounts

Changes and coming changes
In the pic below you see our newly installed LED turn, stop and back-up lights. These new LEDs are soooooo much brighter than the old lights! You would not believe!

This pic also shows areas of coming changes. The five rear clearance lights are the old cheap plastic type mounted with insert studs. These insert studs were designed to go thru a plywood under-layment of at least 1/4" thick. However, Fleetwood only used the outer wall's fiberglass sheet for the under-layment. Not good!

We have ordered five oval shaped chrome LED clearance lights as a replacements. These LEDs will be mounted on fiberglass covered bases similar in design to the Giant clearance lights

MsTioga's rear window which is pictured below will be going thru a re-design in coming weeks. The three windows will be removed and replaced with one piece of automotive glass. The center window is the government mandated "escape window". In our opinion, an escape window is a ridiculous concept in this location since the obvious exit is the side door which is only a few feet away.

Can you imagine the view thru this giant window when the change is fully implemented? Hmmmm?

6PM - San Juan del Rio
We have just returned from San Juan del Rio where we went to go shopping. At "La Casa del Tornillo" [screw shop] we bought stainless screws for the solar panels and for Tioga's side/rear clearance lights.

Now we are at Home Camp, and will stay here for the nite. It was raining lightly when we arrived, but now the rain has stopped. Our Telcel internet connection began working again during mid-morning, and is still working now.

Rain showers