Friday, July 13, 2012

Family supper

Family supper!
Yesterday evening when we all went to eat supper at Panchito's little kitchen, it was raining. And the rain was pouring thru the holes in the tarp that serve as a ceiling for the kitchen. So, Pedro suggested that we all eat at MsTioga's!

What a great time! There was room for everybody. Pancho's grand daughter did the cooking. We ate there and continued talking about all kinds of things until after 10pm!
Gordo, Andrea, David, Panchito, Pedro

Note: Gordo, Andrea and David siblings, all from the same family. In fact, everybody working at Panchito's Body Shop are from the same family. And most of them are grandchildren of Grandfather Pancho!

BTW, SeƱorita Tioga spent the nite at Panchito's Body Shop as our location below shows.

10AM - Installing the lights
Now is time that we all have been waiting to arrive. The time to install Tioga's new GIANT clearance lights!

MsTioga looking like the Big Rigs!

1PM - Painting Tioga's skirt
Now is the time for painting MsTioga's skirt!
Sooooo shiny bright!

Panchito "The Painter" takes a bow!

Stormy sky