Monday, July 09, 2012


9AM - Fleetwood
Yesterday when I posted about Fleetwood's decision to use a plywood alternative for the core of MsTioga's exterior walls, it may have seemed as though I am a major critic of this once great company. Actually, I am a major fan of Fleetwood.

If anybody understands the difficulty of incorporating values and goals into ones life, it is me. I have struggled since 2003 with my values and goals. It is even more difficult [almost impossible?], to establish values and goals in a company. And to incorporate those values and goals into daily use? Wow! Very, very hard thing to do!

Fleetwood stumbled badly with their decision to use particle board [a plywood alternative] as the core of MsTioga's exterior walls. Fleetwood was trying to reduce manufacturing costs with this particle board decision. In my opinion, this "going cheap" decision was the exact opposite of the direction Fleetwood should have been going during the 1980s and 1990s.

What Fleetwood should have done, is go for highest quality. And let the price of their RVs rise to a level which would produce a profit.  MsTioga is a fine example of an RV whose all-fiberglass exterior prevents rain water entering the exterior wall's core. If Fleetwood had adopted an all-fiberglass exterior, it would not have mattered what kind of wall core they used. Same thing with MsTioga's roof. Instead of using a cheap rubber sheet to try and protect the RV roof, an all fiberglass roof would have guaranteed rain protection.

With all this said, I am a great admirer of the former Fleetwood company. Fleetwood management, in my opinion, had high ideals. They were simply unable to execute properly. An un-attained challenge that many companies [likely most companies]  fail at as well.

10AM - Tweaking the paint job
Yesterday evening at Home Camp, I went over MsTioga's exterior carefully marking paint boo-boos with masking tape. It is time for tweaking MsTioga's paint job.

Now that the major boo-boos have been corrected, the small ones need to be attended to. Most of these boo-boos are places where the paint was chipped, and I "hand painted" the chip. These chipped places may be sanded in preparation of spray painting the primer and finish coats.
Helper Pedro tweaking the paint job

3PM - The giant clearance light mystery!
Something very strange is going on. And we are wondering if you can guess what that "something" is?

In the pic below, is a clue. The little light is one of MsTioga's current cab-over clearance light. But what is the "giant" light? Can you guess? Hmmmmm?
The GIANT mystery

Partly cloudy