Tuesday, July 03, 2012


7AM - Goleta, California
Today we are traveling from Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz to Goleta, California. This is a 265 mile, 4 hour and 32 minute trip according to Google Maps! A bit far for us, so we are starting the trip early in the day.

Goleta is close to Santa Barbara, and our Mexico Map supplier has an office in Santa Barbara. We are hoping to meet up with Mexico Maps to find out how to load their maps in to our new Garmin Nuvi 2455LMT GPS.

4PM - Finally arrived!
It took over seven hours to make the 265 mile trip to Goleta. I had to stop many, many times because the sleeping sickness was strong today.

But please do not worry about me. Or suggest going to doctors. There is no cure for this sleeping problem except to sleep. It is genetic. Came from my Dad who was renowned for going to sleep in strange places.

Death Valley Days
Have I ever mentioned the first time that I learned that I had sleeping sickness? I was about 15 years old and was driving alone on a motorcycle to explore Death Valley, California. The motorcycle was a Harley-Davidson. The 125cc engine model. Top speed, maybe 30 miles per hour if the wind was at your back!

The Town of Baker had only one gas station in 1952. But another gas station was under construction and I took refuge in that under-construction station to catch some sleep. During the nite, the wind came up and sand began blowing in from beneath the partially completed walls. The sand blew into my shirt! Very uncomfortable. So, I pulled out of Baker heading north into Death Valley.

It was about 2am when I drifted off to sleep. A tanker truck pulled up alongside me and woke me up. No, I did not fall down. Somehow I kept driving the Harley without killing myself. I drove to a closed gas station inside Death Valley, lay down on the pavement and went to sleep.

In those days I thought that if you were caught out in the open in Death Valley, that you were finished. The Sun would bake you to death. I came to this wrong conclusion from watching "Death Valley Days". Ronald Reagan was the announcer for this popular program.

Well, the Sun did not bake me to death. And I am still around to tell you that story which happened 60 years ago!

8PM - Prometheus [the movie]
My friend John Porter recommended Prometheus in 3D at an Imax theater. Only a regular showing of Prometheus in Goleta. So, we are going to that movie tonite.

An Imax 3D Prometheus is playing in New York City though!

Clear blue sky