Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home Camp

8AM - Why I love Home Camp
It is sooooo peaceful here. The large highway that connects Tequisquiapan to Ezequiel Montes is far enough away so that traffic sounds are minimal. The small highway which is about 4-blocks away, has almost no traffic at all.

The views from MsTioga are all green. Very green. Even before the big rains came and the grass grew, the plants were green. It is a forest of plants and trees. As you may know, Home Camp is at the edge of a hill. So, looking east we can see all the way to the distant hills. Just gorgeous.

Something about this place is calming. I felt that calm the very first time here. After first finding this place, it was that feeling of calmness that caused me to return and adopt Home Camp for my own.

Things to do list
The major item on my Things-To-Do list is to ship Mr. Datastorm and all of his accessory equipment to my friend and former Datastorm Dealer, Steve O'Bosky. Panchito at Panchito's Body Shop told me that he knew of a company that would package and ship this stuff. We want to use a truck shipper in order to keep freight costs down.

Right now all of the Datastorm accessory equipment is stored inside the large traveling bag that I bought during our California trip. There is only one place for that bag. On the passenger seat! Not good.

PS: I'm feeling much better today! Summer cold seems to be over!

1PM - Spoke with Steve
Getting the Datastorm to a place for packaging and shipping to the USA proved to be a problem. So, I phoned Steve O'Bosky in California. Turns out that he would prefer to have the parts from Datastorm, rather than the entire unit. This is great news!

My plan now is to put everything in the bag that I bought for transporting from California to Mexico and take it to Estafeta [UPS in Mexico]. Then ship UPS ground to California.

I am typing this post to you from K'puchino's Restaurante, just off the main plaza of Tequisquiapan. This place is turning out to be a favorite of mine. I like the open-air ambiance of K'puchinos. And love the food here.

5PM - Pena Bernal
Señorita Tioga was about one mile from Home Camp when New Mavicita saw a marvelous view of Peña de Bernal. The 3rd largest [correction tallest, not largest] monolith in the World! [link]

Of course Tioga stopped so that New Mavicita could capture the pic to share with you.
Peña de Bernal

Partly cloudy