Monday, July 02, 2012


8AM - Jacuzzi
My room in the Sonoma Valley Inn has a big Jacuzzi tub. Of course this means that the tub has all of the air + bubbles + swirling water. I love that! And especially love it because it is inside my room!

My plan is to soak in the tub for about 1/2 hour, or until well-done!
My Jacuzzi tub

10AM - Time with Pete Olson
This morning I have a date with my good friend Pete Olson at his home in the Town of Sonoma. We have lots of stuff to talk about including life in Mexico, his plans for retirement, where he will be living. Stuff like that!

Afterwards, I'll be heading south. Retracing my trip north. I am thinking about staying tonite [July 2nd] in Santa Cruz. Then traveling further south to maybe the Madonna Inn [July 3rd]. On July 4th, the plan is to stay the nite near the LAX airport in order to be able to make my 10am flight easily on July 5th.

6PM - Sushi with special friend
I am back in the Santa Cruz area, and just returned from having sushi supper with a special friend. The time is special too because I likely will not be coming back here to visit for several months, maybe a year!

I'm spending the nite at the Scotts Valley Inn, north of Santa Cruz. A very nice hotel.

Clear sky