Monday, July 16, 2012


1PM - Late!
In the morning is the time I usually make my first blog post. But this morning, I forgot to post. I am late!

I have no excuse. This morning Pancho moved his borrego corral, and I went to watch him and Pedro do the moving. Then I got sooooo interested in all that the two were doing, that I forgot all about the post! I must be losing my mind!!

2PM - Final paint color
Señorita Tioga's brown stripes are the only color remaining to be painted. And, they being repainted this afternoon. The brown stripes will complete the 2nd part of a three part repair and paint job. After today, about three weeks will pass before we return for the final phase at Panchito's Body Shop.

Either today or tomorrow, I will receive a bill from Panchito for this 2nd phase and I will share with you the cost.

7PM - Supper at Los Panchos
Most of the work on Señorita Tioga is complete. La Señorita will return tomorrow for the rest.

A big rainstorm arrived. Panchito's kitchen moved under shop roof. I decided to remain at Panchito's for the nite. Supper consisted of Borrego from the siesta on Sunday, tortillas, frijoles, salsa. It was good!

Cloudy & rainy