Saturday, July 14, 2012


2AM - Lights!

11AM - Observations
Remember the other nite when the family ate supper inside MsTioga? I noticed a couple of things that the children did, that I would like to share with you.

The kids ran out of eggs, and their Grandfather Pancho likes eggs. I offered for them to use my eggs which were in the refrigerator in an egg carton. Andrea [grand daughter] was doing the cooking and I told her where the eggs could be found. She could not find them because for Andrea, eggs do not come in a carton. Eggs for Andrea come from the chickens in her yard.

The kids ran out of tortillas, and they asked me if I had tortillas. I did! A whole package of flour tortillas. The family does not buy flour tortillas because they are much too expensive. They buy corn tortillas. However, I noticed that the children gobbled down my flour tortillas which they like much more than the corn. Andrea told me, "These flour tortillas have a good flavor".

The people who live in Santillan, do not travel far from home. Maybe in person's entire lifetime, they may travel only a few hundred miles from Santillan.

2PM - Painting the hood!
Little by little SeƱorita Tioga's paint job is being completed. Now is the time for the front. The two doors and hood. In the pic below, Panchito is spraying La SeƱorita's cream colored paint.
Pretty shiny, hummmm?

4PM - A birthday party
Early this week Pancho and Pedro were talking about butchering a borrego [sheep] this weekend. The borrego is being butchered for a party. But they did not tell me that the party was for Panchito. It is Panchito's birthday party.

There is a BBQ pit in the Body Shop's garden, and Pancho built a fire in this BBQ pit. Then Pedro, David, Gordo and I went to the corral to get the borrego.

New Mavicita took pics of the borrego being butchered. But we decided that perhaps those pics were not for USA viewing!
David, Pancho, Gordo and Pedro at the BBQ pit

Pedro holds the borrego

6PM - Nite Camping at Panchito's
We asked Panchito for permission to Nite Camp again at his shop. He said, "Yes!"

Mostly clouds