Monday, July 30, 2012

Lithium batteries

9AM - Lithium batteries
Reader geysergazers posted in our Forum about buying a Lithium battery [link]. The thing that is so attractive about these new lithium batteries, is that they are so light in weight and delivers 100AH of electric power.

I do not know how to compare our present Crown batteries to the Lithium. Our Crown #CR-225 has a 5 hour rate of 171 Amp Hours. But what does that mean?

Here is a [link] to the manufacturer of the lithium battery that geysergazers is using.

2PM - Dust
It seems that in a blink of an eye, I look around MsTioga, and dust has returned everywhere. It is time to dust again.

As I go about dusting, I see the pics on Tioga's walls. Those pics of my departed loved ones. It occurs to me that those that I loved, also dusted their homes. So much time spent dusting. To what end?

It seems that I know, deep inside my being, that if I ever stop dusting, my own end will be close at hand. I recall when my own Mother stopped taking care of her hair. Only months later, she was gone.

3PM - Back to batteries
In thinking over the whole matter of batteries, it seems that AGM batteries might be the best choice. I do not know why I have not considered AGM batteries in prior years? Lithium batteries are just to new on the scene. And very pricey. Perhaps Lithium should be considered for the future.

Johnson Controls is a big time manufacturer of batteries here in Mexico. Johnson sells AGM batteries especially designed for golf carts. Johnson's brand names, LTH and Optima, are very popular in Mexico.

Right now, although are Crown batteries have been slightly damaged by the abuse of low fluid level, they are still doing a good job. No need to replace at this time.

Partly cloudy