Thursday, July 05, 2012

Love traveling

5:30AM - Love to travel
Do you love to travel? Hmmmmm? I sure do. It seems to me that I would be happy to simply move from hotel to hotel all over the World. But today will be really special because I'm waking up in Los Angeles, California and will go to sleep in Mexico City, Mexico!

And tomorrow New Mavicita, MacBook and Jorge will take a bus back to MsTioga. Yes! We love to travel. But we love coming home even more! And for us, MsTioga is home!

8AM - Home Turf Sports Bar & Grill
We are at a restaurant right across from our boarding gate. It's the "Home Turf Sports Bar & Grill". It is only 8am! My Alaska Airlines flight does not take off until 10:10am. Perfect! I love being really early!

I've ordered a toasted bagel with lox [smoked salmon] and cream cheese. The waitress brought a double order of lox! Maybe she thinks that I am cute? Hmmmmm? What do you think?
Jorge at the Home Turf, LAX!

5:30PM - Hotel Ramada/Mexico City!
It took 12 hours to go from our hotel in Los Angeles to our hotel in Mexico City. But this includes waiting for 2-hours at LAX, because we were early. Going thru customs in Mexico City. Walking, walking and walking some more!

BTW, you may be interested in the amount of customs duty paid to Mexico. 976 pesos [about $75US]. Not too bad a hit!

The flight from LAX to Mexico City was perfect. Wonderfully smooth!

I am filling the hot tub right now for a nice long soak!

Mostly cloudy