Thursday, July 12, 2012

Music Mexico

6AM - Music in Mexico
Yesterday evening I went out to eat at "Las Brasas", a parrillada restaurant nearby on the other side of the plaza. When I entered, a couple of street entertainers were playing music for the only patrons in the restaurant. The music was very loud. And in my opinion, not very good. But the patrons seemed to love the music.

After supper I went over to my favorite plaza bakery, and bought some cookies. This bakery has a wonderful cookie selection. Then returned to the Hotel Plaza. When I entered the hotel, the same street entertainers were playing for another table of patrons. Again very loud. Again the patrons were loving the music.

Sitting at one of the tables, was Art, an American ex-pat from Texas who now lives full-time in Tequisquiapan. We have known each other for awhile, and I stopped to chat. The music was so loud, that it was somewhat difficult for me to understand what Art was saying! Every so often, the patrons enjoying this music would let out a big cheer, showing how much they were enjoying the music that I hated! Hmmmm?

A few minutes ago [6am], the Plaza Church began playing Ave Maria from the bell tower. The soft bells toning out to the faithful. Even if you are not religious, you likely love Ave Maria. Because it is soooooo beautiful. 

12 Noon - Ready to paint!
Much more preparation was required this morning in order to get MsTioga ready to paint her cream color. A lot of detail work! Most of painting is preparation. The actual painting takes Panchito 4-hours for three coats. But much of this 4-hours is waiting for the paint to dry. It take about 30 minutes for the paint to dry between coats.
Panchito mixing the paint

2PM - So brilliant!
Panchito is in the middle of MsTioga's 2nd coat of her cream color. She is sooooooo brilliant, you would not believe! New Mavicita has been busy taking pics to share with you.

We believe that Panchito is a master's master in the spray painting business. And, we are very lucky to have Panchito painting MsTioga while Panchito is at the top of his game!

6PM - Paint job finished!
Actually, the paint job was completed about 4pm. But then a big rainstorm arrived and everybody hustled to raise the big plastic sheet in order to protect MsTioga from the rain water. The wind was blowing and it took about 15 minutes to raise that sheet.

As soon as Panchito began spraying the first of the three finish paint coats, it was clear that this paint job was going to be a massive improvement. Here are pics to share with you!
Panchito sprays first coat

Painting further to the rear
[Panchito and helper Pedro]

Pedro cranks the air-compressor

Big sheet protects from the rain

Many clouds