Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Network failure

1PM - Telcel network failure
It appears as though Telcel has had a network failure in the area of Tequisquiapan. Or, something very bad has happened to our Telcel USB device. Since 5am this morning, we have not been able to get on to the Telcel network.

We have used our Hawking mini antenna and the WiFi at the Best Western Hotel in Tequisquiapan, to get this Blogger post to you.

Cost of exterior construction and 
  • Material $682.52US (Fiberglass, paint & shop supplies)
  • Labor $2,037.90US (3-color paint job, install new clearance lights, a zillion other things)
George & Tioga show off the new paint job & clearance lights

9PM - No internet made us move
We got tired messing with Telcel's internet. It just does not work today! Tomorrow we plan to go to the Telcel office in San Juan del Rio and raise a fuss about the lack of service.

BTW, I got a message that my Telcel internet plan had used all of its balance, I bought more. But then I got another message that my account was still exhausted. Another problem that Telcel has!

We are on the internet now because MsTioga moved from our Home Camp to Central Tequisquiapan. We are across the street from the Best Western Hotel and we are tapped into the hotel's WiFi.

Partly cloudy