Saturday, July 07, 2012

Panchitos Body Shop

8AM - Panchito's Body Shop
You may be wondering if we were surprised that Panchito did not have MsTioga's body work all done? All ready to go? We were sort of surprised too! After all, we were gone 17-days. Plenty time to get the work completed.

However, this is Mexico. And getting stuff completed here for most folks, is not priority. Living and having a good time. That's priority. So, we will be at Panchito's for awhile.

But, we expect that just because we are here watching what goes on, things will be moving a lot faster now.

9AM - Two Panchos
Did you know that there are two Panchos working at Panchito's Body Shop? Pancho is the Father. Panchito is the Son. It is best for MsTioga when both Panchos are working together. But this togetherness needs to be delicately managed. There are father/son issues that must be avoided!

This morning Pancho [the father] is working on putting fiberglass on the bottom/front corner of MsTioga's house. Panchito [the son] is working on replacing MsTioga's tail light assemblies.
Two Panchos working together

11AM - My job
My job in this fiberglass body shop work is to know what needs to be done and what is possible to do with fiberglass. Then, communicate what I want done to competent fiberglass men. And the two Panchos are very competent in all phases of body and fiberglass work.

In the pic below is an example of what is being done. Over the past few years, I noticed some deterioration in the plywood construction at the bottom of MsTioga's house wall. In 2007 when Jose the Fiberglass Guy did MsTioga's big conversion to total fiberglass, the bottom of the walls were fiberglassed. However, Jose did not completely cover all of the exposed plywood.

Now at Panchito's shop, some of that exposed plywood is being fiberglassed.  It is not easy to do this kind of fiberglass work. Putting on fiberglass to the bottom of a surface, takes a lot of experience! I have tried it, and I know!!
Fiberglass applied to bottom plywood

Clear sky