Friday, July 27, 2012

Phone companies

8AM - Trouble with phone companies
Ever since MsTioga and I began vagabonding together, we have had problems with phone companies. We have come to the conclusion that phone companies just do not listen. Or, if they are listening, they do not understand what we are saying to them. Hmmmm?

It started with AT&T in 2003. AT&T billed us for about $700+ worth of calls from Mexico. We tried to explain what happened, and AT&T did not understand. They wanted their $700+ dollars, and we refused to pay. So, they turned us over for collection.

Then came T-Mobile. Many of you will remember the "lost cell phone" incident. That lost cell phone ended up with a balance of about $450. We tried to negotiate with T-Mobile for 50%. After all, $450+ is a lot of money to pay for calls that we never made. T-Mobile would not negotiate. So, we refused to pay. And again, we got turned over for collection.

The next phone company to go for collection was Jitterbug by Greatcall. You would think that a "pay-as-you-go" phone company like Jitterbug, would not go for collection. But you would be wrong. After we explained that we were returning to Mexico and would no longer be using Jitterbug, AND having Jitterbug agree.......we began receiving past due notices. What is the use of calling companies like Jitterbug, when they do not listen in the first place? Hmmmm?

Verizon is the current phone company that we are dealing with from Mexico. You may recall that while in California, we got a Verizon cell phone to make calls. We tried to pre-pay. But Verizon told us, "Not necessary, we will bill you." So, they are billing us by mail. BUT, we must pay Verizon online. So far, we have been unable to access our online account. Verizon will probably turn us over for collection soon. Oh well!

9AM - Mail call
The reason that we posted about phone companies above, is that yesterday we received a big batch of our mail from the Americas Mailbox company in South Dakota. A package was sent to us for pick-up at the DHL Express Depot in San Juan del Rio. When we opened our mail, out came all of these collection notices.

Let me explain about how we feel concerning collection notices. We are not concerned about collection notices. We on the TiogaRV Team are not concerned with credit. Or credit reporting agencies. Or our credit score [FICO] which they tell us is now 608. All this credit stuff is a bunch of BS!

If these collection companies want to take me to court and sue me, fine! I will go to court and present my case against their case. And see who wins! But they never go to court.

11AM - SiteMeter
Yesterday I emailed SiteMeter asking for information on why the SiteMeter counter is appearing twice on all of my webpages. So far, no response from SiteMeter.

12 Noon - Battery watering system
Remember the Pro-Fill Battery Watering System that we bought awhile back? The Pro-Fill did not work without the hand-pump. That pump arrived yesterday with our mail. So, this morning we went to install the Pro-Fill.

However, one of the battery cables interfered with the battery watering system's plastic plumbing lines. When we install a new and longer battery cable, we will test the Pro-Fill out and give you a report.

1PM - Tex-Mex vs Mexican Food
We are at the little restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Pedregal Plaza. The Plaza is pretty fancy. Tile floors. Tall ceilings. There is a movie theater in the Pedregal. The Bodega Aurrera Store [owned byWalMart] is in the Plaza. Music from the sound system is playing an elevator version of rock-n-roll.

It would all be perfect, if it were not for the food! Try as they might, most restaurants in Mexico just do not understand Tex-Mex. That salsa covered, rich in cheese-gooey and mouth-watering Tex-Mex.

It's weird! You go to Mexican restaurants in California and the Mexican cooks in these restaurants really do understand Tex-Mex.

3PM - Made our own battery cable
We fabricated up our own battery cable! Now the Pro-Fill Battery Watering System is complete. We tried it out. Seemed to work fine. Takes less than one minute to top off batteries with distilled water.

The Pro-Fill is pretty easy to install.
Pro-Fill installed on Mr. Sunny's battery bank

A bit cloudy