Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quiet dawm

7AM - Quiet dawn
This morning we looked out Tioga's window and for the first time in many days, viewed a clear sky. It is a quiet morning. No roosters crowing. No sheep baaing. No mules braying. Only the sound of birds tweeting.

We want to share with you what is seen as we look east from Home Camp. New Mavicita is challenged. She wants to show you the corn growing in the fields below and the distant hills in silhouette. A tough job!

9AM - Thinking about traveling
As I get into my senior years, my thinking about traveling is changing. It used to be, that I'd think about going to some foreign land, and try to figure out how to get MsTioga there. That never really worked, did it?

Now, as my recent trip to Guatemala has shown, I much prefer airplanes, taxis, mini-van transports and hotels! If I am going to visit foreign lands, I'd better get going. My next birthday is my 75th. And so far I have only visited: Canada, Mexico, England, Guatemala and Israel.

5PM - Don't you hate it when that happens?
I wanted to wait until our new battery watering system was installed to water the batteries. But, the missing hand pump has not arrived yet. And the batteries need watering.

Two of the battery hold downs need to be changed out in order to install the new battery watering system. So, I decided to change them out today. As I was finishing the change-out, the very last tie-down rod slipped out of its hole in the battery tray. I tried an tried to get that rod back into the hole. It just would not get in there!

It seemed that the only way to get the tie-down rod back into the hole, was to completely remove two of the batteries! Man-O-Man! Don't you hate it when something like this happens?

Anyway, a job that should have been completed around 3pm, just got done. My stomach hurts and I am testy.

6PM - The birds and the bees
After I last wrote to you about being testy, I went outside, pulled out the camp chair and watched the hummingbirds at Sweet Flower. There is almost not a second when there is not a hummer there. And bees too!

When I first bought a Sweet Flower, I used to chase the bees away with a water hose thinking that the bees bothered the hummers. But when you think about it, hummers and bees have been competing for the same food for eons. Now I see that when a bee bothers a hummer, that the hummer just flaps around a little bit, and the bee goes away.

Sweet Flowers are designed for hummingbirds, not for bees. The instant that a bee [or other insect] makes its way into the flower, its destiny is sealed. It's a dead bug. In fact, there are quite a few dead bugs inside the sweet flowers right now. I can see their corpses, floating in the bulb. So, I am going to clean out the sweet flowers, strain the nectar to remove the dead bees, and refill with new nectar.

By the way, I may be testy because I have a summer cold. My nose won't stop running. Even when I take an anti-histamine, the damned nose keeps leaking!

Partly cloudy