Friday, July 06, 2012


7:30AM - Back to MsTioga
The bus that we want to take this morning goes from Mexico City to Tequisquiapan and leaves at at 9:15am.  Right after making this blog post, the plan is to pack up and head out to the Central de Autobuses del Norte [North Bus Station]. The taxi ride to Del Norte is about 40 minutes. So, we should be fine.

Are you anxious to see how MsTioga is doing? Hmmmm?

12 Noon - Panchito's Body Shop
We are back at Panchito's Body Shop. A lot of body work has been done. But there is much body work to do before MsTioga leaves Panchito's in cherry condition.

MsTioga will be returning each morning to Panchito's and will spend her nites at Home Camp.

3PM - Xantrex PROwatt inverter
One of the things that we brought to Mexico was a new Xantrex PROwatt Sine Wave Inverter. The Xantrex replaces the inferior, not-recommended Aims inverter that has given us lots of problems because of extremely poor engineering. [Do NOT buy Aims!]

The new Xantrex does not mess with MacBook's track pad and produces no strange sounds thru our speaker system as does the inferior and not recommended Aims inverter.

New Xantrex PROwatt sine wave inverter
[Inferior Aims in blue case]

6PM - Eating supper at Home Camp
We are back at Home Back, and very happy to be here too! I've prepared a meager but delicious looking supper. A frijoles quesadilla. Maybe I'll make two of them!

After supper, the plan is to give MsTioga a bath. She needs one too!
Quesadilla con frijoles

8PM - Hummers are back
It took a couple of hours for the hummers to find sweet flower. And when the first hummers arrived, they did not eat. But went off to tell the others about Sweet Flower. Then, a bunch of hummers came by to inspect. Tomorrow, maybe there will be a zillion hummers again!

Do you see the corn growing in the field down the hill from Sweet Flower? When we left for our trip to California, this corn was at least 2 feet shorter!
Sweet Flower and tall corn

Partly cloudy