Sunday, July 01, 2012


7AM - This trip
This trip is coming to a close. Today we will reach our most northern trip point at Sonoma, California. Our friends Pete and Fredericka live in Sonoma. Pete is playing a "gig" at his home. And we will be there listening to the music.

Purpose of this trip
So, what was the purpose of this trip? Well, it was to be of comfort and support to a  very close friend who is going thru a very challenging time. I tried hard! But I do not believe that I was successful in being the support person that my friend needed.

It seems that I fall short in understanding. I just do not make the grade. Funny thing though! I have failed many, many times. But every single time I truly believe that this time, I will make it. This time, I will have the right stuff. But then the inevitable arrives. And I fall flat on my face.

So what now? I will continue to be the best George that I can be. But as the years pass, I have less faith that I will ever be the person who, in my mind's eye, I was destined to become.

9AM - Plaza Cafe
Just a few blocks from my hotel is the Plaza Cafe. A really great breakfast restaurant. I've eaten here many times and decided to come here this morning. Across the street from Plaza Cafe is the former location of "Evie's Drive In". This was my own place! Back in 1983, I took over the closed A&W Drive In and turned it into a roller skating drive in. Just like back in the 1950s.

Evie's Drive In was famous. Really famous! We were featured in the Contra Costa Times. Also on Dan Rather's Evening news. We lasted a few years. Then, with the coming of my divorce in 1985, the drive in slid into obscurity. And then was gone.

But for a few years, we were the killer hamburger restaurant in Pleasant Hill, California.

12 Noon - Town of Sonoma
We have arrived in Sonoma. Really a special town. People walk around here as if they were in a daze and unaware that there are cars driving along the road. That's OK! I drive also in a daze, unaware that there are people walking around.

We checked in to the lovely Best Western Plus-Sonoma Valley Inn. We have a corner room with lots of windows and space. Old fashioned furniture and desk.

After doing the laundry, we will head over to Pete and Fredericka's for the music.

Partly cloudy