Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unexpected results

7AM - Unexpected results
There have been some things that have happened at Panchito's Body Shop that were completely unexpected. But really neat too!

As a result of my going up and down on the scaffold platforms numerous times each day, I have found that my legs have responded marvelously! When I first went up, I found that my foot would barely lift up enough to be on the big cross board when climbing from the scaffold to the board. In fact, I had to help my foot with my hand!

But yesterday, my foot lifted up to the board with no help at all! Also, the entire climb, up and down the scaffold is soooooo much easier now. Who would have known that such unexpected and welcome results would happen?

Another thing that I have not mentioned to you is lunch and supper! At Panchito's Body Shop, everybody eats "on-the-house" in the little kitchen that the Two Panchos have built. This is such a good time! The elder Pancho's grandchildren do the food preparation and clean up. And we all jabber about stuff. Joke around.

Wow! If you get the impression that I am enjoying being at Panchito's Body Shop, you are soooooo right!

In the kitchen pic below, New Mavicita has captured Pancho, David [grandson and shop helper] and Panchito [L-R]. However, there are four others eating in the kitchen as well.
Pancho likes his picture taken!

12 Noon - Ready to paint!
Panchito is ready to paint MsTioga's left side and cabover with our new clearance light mounts.

Wow! For us on the TiogaRV Team. this is soooooo exciting!
MsTioga waiting for her paint job!

1PM - Yesterday's pics
Here are some of New Mavicita's pics from yesterday here at Panchito's Body Shop.
Rainbow from passing storm

Clearance lights primer coated

Panchito spraying Tioga's cabover

Panchito painting from Tioga's roof

4PM - Paint job stalled out
Several things caused the planned paint job to stall out.

For one thing, I have expanded the scope of MsTioga's paint job. More and more things kept popping up. For example little holes in the existing paint. So, as those holes were repaired, the paint job grew. Finally I decided that it would be a good idea to repaint MsTioga completely.

This decision was made partly because Panchito [the Son] is such an excellent painter. It seems to me after watching Panchito in action, that I will likely not find such a talented and experienced painter. Almost 3/4 of MsTioga was being repainted. So, I might as well "go-for-it!"

Another thing that caused the paint job to stall out, was that the DuPont paint store was late in delivering the cream colored paint. The paint did not arrive until after 4PM. Not enough time to complete the paint job before dark.

6PM - Hotel Plaza
Would you believe that we are staying the nite at the Hotel Plaza in central Tequisquiapan? With MsTioga's windows all papered over for the paint job, it became very humid inside. So, I decided to stay in a hotel.

This is the same hotel where I would meet with Gina, my Spanish teacher. The Hotel Plaza is an older but very distinguished hotel. Located in the center of Tequis, right off the plaza, surrounded by interesting places to visit and to eat!