Wednesday, July 04, 2012

USA birthday

Happy 236th birthday USA!
We received a 4th of July card from reader Jean that seemed to be perfect to commemorate our nation's 236th birthday.

Click on our flag to view this card!

2PM - The Westin Hotel - Los Angeles Airport
We are in our room at The Westin Hotel, very close to the Los Angeles International Airport. The 104 mile trip from last nite's hotel in the Town of Goleta to The Westin was a good one. There was very light traffic. Most likely because of the Independence Day holiday.

I only had to take a couple of naps. Not too bad!

In-N-Out Burger - A close to perfect company!
If you have been following my travels in California, you've had to endure my rants about poorly run companies. Well, today we give a compliment to a close to perfect company! And we analyze what separates perfect companies from all the rest.

I stopped for lunch at the In-N-Out Burger in the Town of Camarillo. The restaurant was packed with customers. But the lines at the order station were small. Three cashiers were taking orders. My order taker made eye contact with me. She smiled. She was relaxed. She spoke perfect English.

While waiting for my order, I sat at a counter seat with a view looking in to the kitchen. Every body in the kitchen was dressed in white. Every body busy. But everybody was relaxed. No rushing. Like a machine!

The potato line really impresses! From the time a raw potato is cut into shoestrings to the time the fries leave the fryer, it is less than 10 minutes.

A customer picking up his order at the counter had several large bags of burgers and fries. All to go.  The In-N-Out counter man told the customer, "You need help to your car", and he picked up the bags of food and walked the customer to his car.

The In-N-Out company selects their employees very, very carefully. To work at In-N-Out, you must speak English very well. Be easy to understand, and also be a good listener. You must be able to think for yourself.

If you have a foreign accent which makes your words hard to comprehend, you will likely not be working at In-N-Out. And that is as it should be. If a company puts their customers first, they must employ people who are good with people. And pay them what they are worth.

In my opinion, In-N-Out Burger is a close to perfect company!

7PM - Confirmed my flight
I've just confirmed my flight tomorrow with Alaska Airlines. The flight departs Los Angeles International Airport [LAX] tomorrow at 10:10am and arrives in Mexico City at 3:50pm. This is a non-stop 3 hour 40 minute flight.

You may recall that I nearly missed my flight from Mexico City to LAX partly because of confusion about the airline. When I booked this flight with Cheap Tickets, the confirmation told that I was flying American Airlines. Actually I am flying Alaska Airlines.

So, I just confirmed my flight with Alaska Airlines just to make sure.

Because I'll be arriving in Mexico City late in the afternoon [3:50pm], I will be staying overnite in a hotel. The following morning I'll be busing from Mexico City back to Tequisquiapan and to MsTioga!

Sweet MsTioga has been patiently waiting for over two weeks at Panchito's Body Shop for her team mates to return. By now we expect MsTioga to be in cherry condition. With all of her boo-boos repaired and repainted.

We are sooooooo anxious to see MsTioga again!

I am my own freight company!
I've not mentioned to you before, but I am assuming the role of a freight company on this trip. All the stuff that I purchased that I'd intended to be shipped to me in Mexico via DHL or FedEx, I am carrying myself!

I'll check-in "my freight" tomorrow with Alaska Airlines as luggage. All the stuff that I bought is loaded into a "rolling duffel bag" that I bought at Target Stores yesterday especially for this trip. Only cost $29US!

From back to front:
  • Rolling duffel bag
  • (5) cabover clearance lights [extra huge-big trucker style!]
  • Xantrex pure sine wave 1000 watt inverter
  • (3) Pro-Fill On-board battery watering system
  • Garmin Nuvi 2455LMT GPS
  • (2) Accuride xtra heavy duty slides for new slide-out drawer
  • (1) Progressive interior light fixture
  • (1) Bargman porch utility light fixture

Partly cloudy