Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vagabonding World

6AM - Worldwide vagabonding
Now that Señorita Tioga is all fixed up, in what kind of position do we find ourselves? There is a simple answer to this question. However, this answer was not simple to find. In fact, we have been searching for the answer for years!

 What we want to be is a Worldwide Vagabond! But! We do not want to be one of those vagabonds who goes from country to country and has no home. We want to be "out there" vagabonding in different countries for maybe a couple months, and then come home to Señorita Tioga in Mexico. That is what we want to do!

Now we have our Home Camp in the Town of Santillan, a suburb of the City of Tequisquiapan. Now we have our remodeled Señorita Tioga.

All that we need now is to decide what country to visit! Hmmmm?

10AM - Home Depot
A recently opened Home Depot is in the nearby City of San Juan del Rio. So, this morning we are going shopping there!

We will not have to buy a crimper though. We have one of those!
Tioga Team's crimping tool

Jorge at Home Depot
San Juan del Rio, Queretaro

2PM - Careful driving
We are at Burger King in San Juan. The entrance to the parking lot here is a not-too-wide automatic gate with an overhanging tree limb. Señorita Tioga and I decided NOT to enter! We are driving carefully now!

Just after the fiberglass and paint jobs at Jose the fiberglass guy's shop in 2007, we stopped to take a pic. We knew then that the time would soon arrive when Tioga would get her first ding. And then another, etc.

But now things are different. We do not want to take chances as we did before. We do not want MsTioga to be an accident waiting to happen anymore.

7PM - View from Home Camp
When we arrived at Home Camp, the hummers were still coming to feast at the Sweet Flowers. But when we went to clean and refill the Sweet Flowers, we found them empty! The hummers must be able to reach the bottom of the flower and lick up a sweet residue.

We quickly brewed up another batch of nectar. Then cooled the hot nectar rapidly by pouring from one pot to another. Then refilled both Sweet Flowers.

The view from Home Camp is green and beautiful. We are very lucky to be here!
In this pic, a hummer is at the left flower

Partly cloudy