Sunday, July 15, 2012

What we doing

8AM - What are we doing?
If you have not been following the TiogaRV Team for a long time, you may be wondering what we are doing with all of this painting, fixing, changing? Well, MsTioga has a long-term goal of achieving perfection.

You may know that MsTioga was built in 1991. So, she is about 21 years of age. The prime of life! When MsTioga was built, her roof design included a rubber roof. MsTioga's wall design is a sandwich of materials with a fiberglass outer sheet. These walls are connected with screws which left an exposed core on each corner. The Fleetwood Company sealed the corners and covered the joints with aluminum extrusion.

We on the TiogaRV Team were not satisfied with the rubber roof or Fleetwood's wall-joint system. We wanted something better. We wanted MsTioga to be "all-fiberglass".

During the early part of 2007, MsTioga was traveling in the Southern State of Baja California. We had heard rumors of an excellent fiberglass guy who lived in Ciudad Constitucion. And we found him! You may read about our time with Jose the Fiberglass Guy by clicking [link].

At Jose's boat repair shop, MsTioga was transformed into a much better RV. All of her aluminum extrusion was removed and replaced with beautiful rounded fiberglass.

We created a "History Section" inside MsTioga to remind us about what the removed aluminum extrusion and other removed things looked like!
MsTioga's History Section showing stuff removed

10AM - Update
In late 2007, the TiogaRV Team decided to enter Mainland Mexico. Up until then, our Mexico travel was limited to Baja California. We never returned to Baja California.

As we traveled along searching for adventure, we had little accidents. Bump and scrapes. Nothing major. We visited many body shops to have these accidents repaired. Since MsTioga was now all-fiberglass, we searched for body shops that had excellent fiberglass guys.

We got a good education about fiberglass from our time spent with Jose the Fiberglass Guy and all of these other body shops. Gradually we began to develop ideas for correcting problems that MsTioga had using fiberglass.

Here at Panchito's Body Shop, we have incorporated our fiberglass education and these ideas into improving MsTioga a great deal with the following changes:

  • Fiberglass roof frames: MsTioga had wood frames installed for her new air-conditioner and rear vent. These vents raised the air-conditioner and vent off the roof surface. The frames were then fiberglassed to the roof. These frames now eliminate any chance of rain leaking in.
  • Clearance light bases: Our new giant clearance lights were mounted to a wood base. These wood bases are fiberglassed to the cab-over roof. It is now extremely unlikely that rain water will enter thru the electrical wiring holes for these clearance lights.
MsTioga is in the final stages of receiving a brand new 3-color paint job here at Panchito's Body Shop. Initially we had only considered re-painting repaired fiberglass. But as the repairs continued, and more and more sections of MsTioga received paint repairs, we decided to do a complete and total re-paint. A painting talent like Panchito has never been encountered by us. We decided that this paint opportunity was too good to pass up!