Thursday, August 16, 2012

Being afraid

6:30AM - Being afraid
It is very common to be afraid. To feel fear. A reader emails a warning. Then another such email arrives. Then more! However, what is the reality of being afraid? There are terrorists everywhere. All across Mexico. All across the United States. In Guatemala. In Israel. In fact, everywhere we have been there are terrorists. Everywhere there are criminals.

If Tioga and I heeded warnings, what would become of us? Where would we go? Would we simply hide out someplace, being afraid to travel?

7AM - Heading out
This morning MsTioga and the TiogaRV Team will head out from the Town of Ebano, bound for the City of Tampico. We have thought about Tampico for many years. Tampico is where Humphrey Bogart started his adventure as Fred C. Dobbs in the fabulous movie, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre".

Now, Tioga and I will visit Tampico too!

11AM - Shakedown!
Tioga and I were driving in the Center of Tampico when some police stopped us saying that I was not wearing my seatbelt. I showed them my lap seat belt, and they told me that I had to have a belt for my shoulders. I replied that this vehicle is very old and in those years they only had lap seatbelts.

Then they told me that it was not legal for a vehicle this size to drive here, and asked to see my drivers license. After I gave them the license, they asked if I would want to pay here or there? I told them, here. And one of them told me, 300 American dollars.

As soon as they told me "pay here or there" I figured these cops to be crooked. I determined that this was one of those negotiating kind of police stops. So, I told the cop, I might be able to pay 50 pesos. The cop answered, you will get your license back when you pay. I told him, "If you want my license, that's OK. Can I go now?"

By this time, about 20 minutes had passed and MsTioga was blocking one of two lanes in a very busy downtown street. Every once in awhile, they would ask me for less and less money. When they came down to 200 American dollars, I told them that this price for a ticket was ridiculous. I would pay maybe 100 pesos. Finally a woman cop came by and talked to the other cops. She said to me, "OK, 200 Mexican". I paid her 200 pesos, she gave me my license back, and I drove away.

2PM - Electricity problem
I went to several hotels to rent space and electric power. Only one hotel had a place for Tioga to park, and that hotel would not rent me electricity!

I am now asking local residents to rent me electric power. One guy is interested, and told me he would return in a little while.

It is 109°F right now outside Tioga. Inside the temp is climbing past 97°F. Difficult to even be inside MsTioga, let alone sleep there.

4PM - Hotel Tampico
Finally! After trying soooooo many hotels, we came to a hotel that is being renovated by the new owner. We negotiated a price of 125 pesos for electricity. MsTioga is parked in front of the hotel.

When our electric cable was plugged into the hotel's power, the air conditioner started and ran with no problems. At the beginning, Tioga's inside temperature was 96°F. Now it is about 20 minutes later and the temperature is down to 94°F. Only 2°F. But what a difference!!

Very light clouds